IPhone 13 without port is equipped with the ability to recover without the need for cable

IPhone 13 without port is equipped with the ability to recover without the need for cable

Many reports say that a version without the iPhone 13 port will be released. Removing any port from this phone will mean not being able to use the cable and connect directly to the computer, however, according to the latest report, this iPhone uses the “Internet recovery” mode, which can be done without the need for physical connection of iPhone to Mac or PC. Reinstall iOS.

If an iPhone has a problem and you want to recover it, you usually connect it to another device with a cable. Users will be deprived of such a feature if the rumors about the iPhone 13 without port are true. So the Cupertinos should look for an alternative way to reinstall the operating system.

Now according New reportIn order to do this without the need for physical communication, Apple provides Internet recovery mode to users. Apple software teams are said to be considering three ways to get the iPhone into this state and recover.

The first method involves placing the iPhone in manual recovery mode to enable Internet restoration. In this case, on a Mac or computer equipped with iTunes, which is located near the iPhone, a guide to restore the iPhone is provided to users.

In the second method, the device automatically enters this mode and the help is provided to the users again. The third method would apparently involve using Bluetooth as the ultimate tool for transmitting signals and data.

The Cupertinoites seem to be interested in the first two methods, and have apparently been trying such methods for a long time. According to a recent report, current methods of data transfer are very slow, so Apple needs to do more to increase their efficiency.

While Apple’s main focus is on wireless recovery, the hardware team is apparently considering using special pads to start a physical connection without the need for a standard port. These pads are said to be hidden behind the SIM card slot, and a special cable must be used to communicate with them.

We have been hearing rumors about the iPhone without port for a long time, however, it is still not possible to confirm the existence of such a device and its release in 2021. However, the iPhone 13 series is expected to arrive with an always-on display, a 120Hz screen refresh rate, a quad-core camera with a LiDAR scanner, a smaller display cutout, and an ID bezel under the display.

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