IPhone hardware supports reverse wireless charging, but Apple does not enable it

IPhone hardware supports reverse wireless charging, but Apple does not enable it

Reverse wireless charging is a useful feature that some Android flagships use to charge their wireless accessories such as headphones. Although this feature was seen on the iPhone 11 hardware, it turned out that Apple had disabled it in the form of software. Current or near-future iPhones are unlikely to use this feature.

While Apple iPhones support wireless charging, according to Bloomberg, reverse wireless charging is part of the company’s future plans. It has no place. It should be noted that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 1 Pro currently support reverse wireless charging, but Apple has disabled it for some reason.

However, it can be concluded that the iPhone 12 also supports the hardware of this feature, although it is not possible to use it at the moment. Reports to the FCC show that all new and current iPhone models can charge some peripherals, such as the Apple Watch and AirPad, using their back, which is designed as a wireless charging pad.

Apple, on the other hand, is focusing on making the most of its phone batteries by building the Magsif Powerbank for the iPhone 12.

The biggest problem with reverse wireless charging is the very low power consumption and therefore the very low charging speed. For example, the Galaxy S21 only supports 4.5 watts for charging with this feature. However, it should be noted that this limitation is intended to prevent unnecessary battery wear.

Another drawback that only applies to iPhones is that their batteries run out early. Apple does not use high-capacity batteries in its handsets, but instead focuses on better optimization of the iOS operating system to prevent battery depletion. Using more capacity batteries in future iPhone models could compensate for the rapid discharge of the battery due to reverse wireless charging, and perhaps at that time Apple would enable this feature in the form of software.

Finally, it should be noted that Apple’s future plans have not been announced at this time, and it is still possible that the company will make this feature available to its users by providing future software updates.

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