Iran Mobile Luxury Market: From $ 1,000 accessories to $ 3,500 luxury phones

بازار لاکچری موبایل ایران: از لوازم جانبی هزار دلاری تا گوشی لوکس 3500 دلاری

The Vertu phone is priced at $ 3,500, the iPhone and Apple Watch case is between $ 500 and $ 1,000, and the flagship phones of various brands, from Samsung to iPhone, are available in the Iranian market for $ 600.

Expensive or luxury are two words with two different meanings. For example, Verto is one of the luxuries of the mobile phone world and Golden Concept is one of the luxury accessories. Vertu phones are not famous for their up-to-date and efficient software, but for being handmade and used to make jewelry.

Among the lovers of luxury products in the world, special products, unique and simpler to say “single goods”, are considered luxury, not every expensive product in the eyes of the consumer.

Ordinary needs at a luxury cost

In Iran, meanwhile, half of the normal life and needs of today’s rapidly changing world are in the category. Luxury products Are located. For example Flagship phones Each brand is in the category of luxury products for the consumer. In addition, not only the authorities, but also the people think that Apple phones and gadgets from iPhone to iWatch, etc. are all luxury products in the world of technology.

It should be said that the mere mismatch of the price of the national currency with foreign currencies has turned products such as the iPhone into a luxury item in Iran. However, iPhones are still available and common to a significant number of people.

It is not far-fetched that you are reading this report with your iPhone or iPad. But how many people do you know around you who use luxury jewelry? The body of their phone is made of gold or they even use the cover of the phone with crocodile skin and other animals.

Luxury living or the use of luxury products is an adventure beyond the usual use of practical tools and products that we need in today’s innovative world. Basically, the definition of a luxury product is not very consistent with what the customs and parliament offer.

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In the popular series Zakhm Kari, to show the affluent strata of society, the main character of the series, Verto, was holding a hand that had made headlines in the media.

From online ads to face-to-face sales

“Available models start from 100 tomans and up. “Tell us the specifications of the model you are considering so that we can talk about the price and the appointment for sale later.”

These are the first statements from behind an advertiser’s phone line Verto Phones Told me. Yes, the seller means 100 tomans, exactly the same as 100 million tomans of the common currency of the country. Also for older models Verto Handmade Phones. The kind of mobile phone that the world has luxury Being is famous. Price Accessories It also has its own world.

All you have to do is open one of the platforms for selling new and second-hand products, such as the wall, and search for the names of Verto phones in the search field. Interestingly, you come across a long list of Verto handsets priced at 5 to 100 million and, of course, a few agreed prices.

Agreements are the same vendors whose literature is similar to that of modern-day businessmen. They try to convince the customer that they are selling the original product to them. “If you are a collector, you know the value of Verto well, and if you are used to using luxury goods, you know well that having a “How valuable is a particular model of jewelry.”

In the continuation of his explanation, he emphasized that you should announce exactly the model that you are considering, and if it is available, we will make an appointment with you in the office and the phone will be sold.

But who guarantees the authenticity of this luxury product? Verto should either be examined by a jeweler or you should know it yourself. Of course, inquiring about the product code from the main site is also one of the solutions that sellers suggest.

Now, in the market of these luxury products, non-originals also have their peaks. If some scammers do not sell the non-original product at the original prices instead of the original Verto, their price starts from 5 million Tomans, and we saw in Digito field surveys that they even sell the non-original Verto for 50 million Tomans.

In these cases, the seller tells the buyer very unconventionally; With this money, I will give you the original product (s) you read. But just as the consumer buys an original watch, bag, shoes, and jewelry, he is willing to pay for a non-genuine phone.

Neither global luxury nor our luxury

Apart from which is a luxury phone and which is a common consumer product, which is accepted all over the world, the Islamic Consultative Assembly has decided not to import phones over $ 600, and this has been considered a necessity during the economic war. Now, while smartphone and watch accessories sell for between $ 500 and $ 1,000 in the country.

In response to this statement, the Mobile Importers Association announced that flagship phones will be launched. The association has expressed concern about the ban on the import of any type of mobile phone, stressing that the ban will disrupt the market supply chain.

Now, in a situation where the House of Nation, unaware of the nation’s economic behavior, sets the roadmap, in the real market, the buyer is still looking for flagship and even luxury and expensive Verto phones. On the other hand, the seller has taken the pulse of the market and is trying to meet the needs of the buyer. Just look at the mobile sales markets. The capital’s mobile and computer market is one of those bustling physical markets that happens to have both luxury accessories and really luxurious handsets, as well as Verto handsets.

Verto was founded in 1998 by the Finnish company Nokia in the UK, but was sold to EQT years later, in 2012, for $ 200 million. The company produces 500 types of special products, one of which is mobile phones. 70 models of the phones produced by this company have their own fans all over the world, especially in Asia.

Luxury phones have their own customer

One of the sellers of the capital passage, which happens to be found by every seller Verto phone Or take luxury accessories, he introduces himself, he says luxury phones sell very little compared to other phones, but he has his customer and there are still people who are looking for such phones.

I ask him how to distinguish between genuine and non-genuine Verto phones, and he points out that few people who know this type of phone well: “They know well, but they are not really many.”

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He emphasizes phone sellers ورتو They currently work in the field of luxury watches and Verto, as a luxury phone, has no official representative in Iran to provide proper after-sales service and treatment to its customers.

But the question remains whether Vertu or other luxury phone brands are still popular among consumers, or whether only non-originals are favored for posing and appearing in luxury.

This is a seller of special handsets with a description of the performance Verto Phones He emphasizes that with the advent of smartphones and the flow of social networks and the lack of this technology on luxury phones, the number of people eager to use it also decreased.

He pointed out that from 2018, the Verto brand decided to use the operating system as well, emphasizing that people who are looking for the luxury Verto brand still prefer luxury models without the operating system, which are in fact feature phones (button phones). These models are still priced at around $ 3,000.

An accessory, the same price as the flagship phones

Accessories like the phone case also have their own world. Mostly the market for special phone cases for IPhone It ‘s hot. From gold frames to so-called (gold designs) to other examples. These products are still popular and enter the country via Dubai. It is often the personal burden of the passengers.

1651327870 786 Iran Mobile Luxury Market From 1000 accessories to Iran Mobile Luxury Market: From $ 1,000 accessories to $ 3,500 luxury phones 10

The seller of luxury phones and accessories in the Capital Passage points to brands such as Jewry and Golden Concept and says: “The price of phone covers and cases Golden Concept From around $ 500 upwards. “Crocodile leather and gilding are some of the features of these covers and frames.”

These frames and covers are available in the Iranian market from 25 million Tomans to 40 million Tomans. These prices are also determined based on the material of the frame and the like. However, luxury stores even supply these products to their customers in a custom form due to their significant and very high prices.

“The price of these frames varies depending on the type and material of the strap,” said the seller of mobile phones, gadgets and accessories in the Capital Passage, noting that he may sell 5 Apple Watches a day in his store. So prices start at $ 1,000. “In such a situation, we may sell 10 of this product to interested customers during the year.”

When nothing is achieved with 60 million Tomans except iPhone

Buying luxury handsets, which are truly defined by global definitions of luxury and even a symbol of wealth, and of course can be liquidated, is a pastime for the really rich or, as sociologists call it, part of capitalist culture and literature.

But the story changes when we think that flagship phones are really luxurious. Yes, the Iranian consumer pays a luxury price to buy a flagship phone, but a look at the statistics of installment phone sales and loans paid to buy a phone shows that this product is not a symbol of wealth.

Amir Ishaqi, secretary of the Mobile Importers Association, on the sidelines of one of his interviews with Digito, pointed to the popularity of expensive handsets, saying: “The truth is that despite this unbridled price increase, the consumer feels now that with 50 “Millions of tomans can not provide a valuable product, so why not buy an iPhone ?!”

In such a situation, and when technology has become an integral part of people’s lives, it is not easy to distinguish a luxury or ordinary product with the national currency. Whether the parliament and customs want it or not, even really luxurious products (not iPhones and market flagships) are bought and sold, and these are consumer products that narrow the field for the ordinary consumer by eliminating them.

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