Irancell is offering a combination of call and internet packages on the occasion of the launch

ایرانسل به مناسبت مبعث بسته ترکیبی مکالمه و اینترنت هدیه می‌دهد

Irancell on the occasion Eid al-Fitr Hybrid package Internet And gives the call to its users at a discount.

According to Digito and quoting Irancell Public Relations, it announced its special gift on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. This gift is a combination of Irancell data and conversation.

The first and largest digital operator in Iran, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), has offered a combined gift package of Irancell data and calls to its subscribers at a discount.

Simultaneously with the arrival of Eid al-Fitr, all permanent and credit subscribers of Irancell can receive a combined package, including one hour of Irancell calls (within the network) and one gigabyte of international internet for only 4,000 Tomans.

This discount package is available from the morning of March 31, 2010 and its validity will be 24 hours from the time of activation.

Activation of this gift package is possible by dialing the order code # 5 * or referring to the purchase section of the offered internet package in my Irancell super application.

It is worth mentioning that mobile operators give free internet to their subscribers by considering various incentive methods. If you’re one of those people who pays a lot of money every month to buy an internet package, you can read more about How to get free internet See my posts.

Irancell operator users can use various methods such as installing my Irancell super app, activating my Irancell web version, inviting your friends to the application or its web version, installing a lens, turning the SIM card into a permanent one, etc. from Irancell generous gift packages such as Take advantage of 50 GB of Internet.

Irancell is the first and largest digital operator in Iran, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in late October.

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