Irancell won the Gold Medal of Digital Public Relations of Iran

ایرانسل برندۀ نشان طلایی روابط عمومی دیجیتال ایران شد

In the eighth period of “Iranian Public Relations Stars Festival”, Irancell received the two special awards of “National Public Relations Star” and “Golden Star of Public Relations” in the field of digital public relations by obtaining the highest necessary points in the evaluations.

Monday, May 17, 1400, coinciding with World Communication and Information Society Day and National Communication and Public Relations Day, the closing ceremony of the eighth Iranian Public Relations Stars Festival and the National Public Relations Day wedding ceremony with the online presence of Dr. Philip Burmans, President of the International Association Public Relations (IPRA) and Dr. Ali Rabiee, Assistant to the President for Social Communications and Government Spokesman, as well as the presence of a number of the country’s communication activists, as well as the online presence of a large number of Iranian and international communication activists, was held at Dehim Culture and Art House.

During an online communication ceremony, the government spokesman congratulated the National Day of Communication and Public Relations and pointed out that the outbreak of coronary heart disease has affected communication in traditional media organizations: In today’s Iranian society, communication as Life is the optimal of society; Communications that can organize a new kind of social life.

Rabiee also stressed the need to change administrative structures and give more importance to public relations and the establishment of a proper information system. In his online speech, the head of IPRA stressed the need to accelerate the move of public relations towards digitalization, calling it an important step in the performance of public relations tasks, especially during the outbreak of coronary heart disease.

Emphasizing the need for science-based communication, he said: “We need to get help from academic colleagues and integrate the knowledge of sociology of behavioral sciences and sociology of communication with public relations.” Changes in public relations may be difficult, but we must do it.

In introducing the winners of the 8th Iranian Public Relations Stars Festival, Irancell Public Relations obtained the highest score from the specialized evaluations, due to its brilliance in the set of activities carried out in 1399, two commendation plaques and a special badge of “National Star of Public Relations” and ” The Golden Star of Public Relations was awarded in the field of “Digital Public Relations” and Dr. Saeed Askari, Director General of Public Relations and Organizational Communications of Irancell, received these two special medals and two commendation plaques.

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