Irancell’s “Danaplus” platform for online education offered a special discount

پلتفرم «داناپلاس» ایرانسل برای آموزش آنلاین تخفیف ویژه در نظر گرفت

“Danaplus”, Irancell’s online training platform, has made it possible to receive the services of this platform with a special discount. These discount plans, on the occasion of Student Day and Student Day, can be used to help new Danaplus subscribers develop online education in the context of the Corona epidemic.

According to Irancell Public Relations, Danaplus has made it possible for its new subscribers to use the “A (20 people)”, “B ++ (100 people)”, “F (300 people)”, “A (50 people)” plans. , “C (20 people)” and “B (50 people)” to provide and activate this platform with 40% discount.

These discount plans, on the occasion of Student Day and Student Day, with the aim of helping to develop online education in the context of the Corona epidemic, from November 4, Student Day, to December 7, coinciding with Student Day, can be activated for new Danaplus subscribers and It can be used for one month from the time of activation.

By integrating the platform of Danaplus online classroom with educational management systems, facilities such as holding online exams, sending different types of files, defining and following assignments, projects and many other facilities have been made available to educational centers.

“Danaplus” Irancell, One of the main platforms of Dana Network, is the country’s dedicated smart education infrastructure for online education and holding virtual meetings and webinars, provided by Irancell, Iran’s first and largest digital operator, to help achieve communication and educational justice. Dana Plus was inaugurated on October 5, 2016, in the framework of the ceremony of exploiting the national plans of the country, in the presence of the President and the then Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

The platform has introduced its “Application Programming Interface (API)” with the aim of facilitating the integrated use of educational management systems and the platform for holding online classes. Using this feature, training centers can easily connect their training management system to the Danaplus platform.

In this way, training centers will not need to re-create accounts for students and teachers and redefine course content. In this way, each training center can connect its educational management system, including student educational information, training courses, exams and many other items to the Danaplus online classroom platform and use Danaplus’ powerful servers to hold classes.

The platform has also made it possible for educational institutions and individuals to personalize the brand, logo and presentation file on the screen. Using this feature, the name and logo of the company can replace the information related to Danaplus and users can experience an integrated user experience.

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