Irregular work shifts affect the immune system and physical health

Irregular work shifts affect the immune system and physical health

A new study by University of Waterloo researchers shows that irregular work schedules and hours adversely affect health and reduce the body’s resistance to a variety of infections. In addition, women are more exposed to such complications than men.

People who have to work different shifts day and night often have irregularities and sleep disturbances be. The sleep, wakefulness, and even feeding patterns of these people are affected by irregular work shifts, and in fact the normal body clock of such people cannot work regularly.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a mathematical model for such people who work in irregular work shifts and found that disruption of the body’s natural clock can have a direct impact on the immune system and the body’s ability to fight off a variety of diseases, especially infections. Be.

“Anita Lighton, professor of applied mathematics, computer science, pharmacy and biology at Waterloo, says: ‘

“Because our immune system is affected by the body’s natural clock, the immune system is also affected by the disorder and disruption of the body’s natural clock. “In addition, a person’s gender can play an important role in this.”

The researchers examined the corresponding mathematical model separately for men and women. The results of studies show that bedtime is the worst time to get an infection. In addition, a person’s gender plays an important role in the severity of an infection that the immune system may be involved with.

“Stephanie Abu, one of the researchers in this study, says:

“Working in shifts has different effects on the health of men and women. “Women with irregular work schedules are more likely to get infectious diseases than men, and if they get infected, women will be more likely to get the disease than men.”

Paying attention to the natural hours of the body is an important issue to pay attention to.

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