Is the radar game service proposed by the minister of communications malware?

Is the radar game service proposed by the minister of communications malware?

Radar Game, the service proposed by the Ministry of Communications for gamers, was detected as malware by several reputable antiviruses such as Avira and BitDefender.

On January 27, the Ministry of Communications introduced a new service called “Radar Game”. This service is able to make gamers’ experience of computer games more enjoyable. Radar Game provides latency meter, user internet ping and free DNS to reduce game ping.

The Ministry of Information says that the Radar Game service was launched by the private sector and is considered a joint project of the “National Computer Games Foundation” and the “Infrastructure Communications Company”. Isa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced on Wednesday that five million users are using the Radar Game service.

Investigating the performance of advanced antiviruses in identifying the radar game service

On the official website of Radar Game, two applications are presented for Windows and Android operating systems, which seem to contain malware. The Total Virus service, which is responsible for checking malicious files, has identified the file of the Windows version of Radar Game as malware from the point of view of seven reliable antiviruses such as Avira, CDRF, G-Data, VTI, Sophos, CyRadar and BitDefender. Other antiviruses indicate that the internal service is safe for users to use.

Malware game radar service

In the Android version of the Radar Game service, four antiviruses such as G-Data, CDRF, CyRadar and BitDefender have considered this version to contain malware. Avira and BitDefender antiviruses have also detected the official Radar Game website as a form of malware.

In this regard, Mostafavi Alavi, an activist in the field of gaming, told Tejarat News Agency:

Detecting Radar Game as malware is likely the result of using cracked installers.

The Ministry of Communications has not yet reacted to the detection of Radar Game malware. The developers of this service claim that Game Radar increases the speed of loading and updating games and leads to a significant decrease in ping of games.

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