Is there a genetic link between blood test results and mental disorders?

آیا یک ارتباط ژنتیکی میان نتایج آزمایش خون و اختلالات روانی وجود دارد؟

People often think of mental health as separate from their physical health. But it is interesting to note that there is clear evidence that diseases such as diabetes and autoimmunity directly affect brain function and therefore indirectly affect our psyche and cause mental disorders.

Researchers have tried By studying Substances that «Biomarkers” Or “Bio markerAnd are easily measured in the blood to examine the effects of physical illness on mental disorders.

Biomarkers are signs of disease in the body that are often identified by a simple blood test. For example, your doctor can test your blood cholesterol, blood sugar, liver enzymes, vitamins, etc. from a blood test. The biomarkers found in the blood reflect our lifestyle and the effects of the medications we take.

Genetics and mental disorders

It is often difficult to assess the role of these blood biomarkers in mental health conditions. On the plus side, the availability of very large volumes of genetic data has allowed us to examine how many small changes in DNA sequences are associated with the risk of mental disorders. The same species can then be linked to the measured levels of a biomarker in the blood.

In a recent study, scientists sought to examine the relationship between 9 Mental health disorder And 50 measured factors Blood tests were normal. In this study, blood samples of about one million people were studied.

As a result of these studies, DNA sequence changes were found to be associated with a higher risk of mental illness. These changes can be seen in the levels of biomarkers in the blood test. For example, scientists found between numbers White blood cells And Depression There is a relationship. In other words, certain processes in our body affect the level of white blood cells and depression.

Although the exact relationship between biomarkers and mental illness is not yet known, scientists believe there is a strong correlation between these disorders and the parameters studied in the blood test. If these relationships are discovered, psychologists will be able to more accurately identify and treat mental illness.

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