Is WhatsApp security compromised by new European laws?

آیا امنیت واتس‌اپ با وضع قوانین جدید اروپا به خطر می‌افتد؟

WhatsApp maneuvers heavily on the security and encryption of messages, which is why it has some limitations; But with the introduction of new laws in Europe, will this way of encrypting messages and WhatsApp security be compromised? In the following, we will examine the answer of a security researcher.

One of the most popular features of WhatsApp is its all-encrypted messages. Of course, WhatsApp has sometimes violated users’ privacy and been fined, but it seems that this Encrypted messages across With problems in Europe Face.

Are all WhatsApp encrypted messages safe?

A few days ago, the governing bodies of the European Union announced a new law called DMA They have approved. this law The world’s largest technology companies Targets. Large technology companies have criticized these rules.

This rule applies to companies with Worth more than 75 billion euros Or more 45 million users Is defined. There are several bills in this law, one of which has raised concerns. The bill is such that large technology companies must also engage with smaller platforms.

In messaging apps like WhatsApp, this means using less secure services; for example Security WhatsApp encrypted messages will be destroyed.

The main purpose of the law in Europe was to protect smaller European businesses and competitors against the world’s largest technology companies. In fact, Europeans seek to create an atmosphere for competition Your smaller companies are.

WhatsApp messengers It is not the only example that uses the universal encryption feature; Signal messengers are also part of this category. However, the signal is not large enough that DMA law will affect its policies, but WhatsApp will suffer.

The effect of this law on WhatsApp, Weakening Or Delete Will be encrypted messages. So the current security of WhatsApp messengers will be lost for more than 1 billion users, and this is certainly not good news. Security researchers say there is no easy way to sync encrypted messages between two different messengers. If this is done, it will undoubtedly be very difficult.

«Steven BluevinInternet security researcher and professor of computer science Columbia University In this case to the media ورج Says:

“There is virtually no way for different forms of encryption in programs with different designs. “Trying to combine two different cryptographic architectures is not easy.”

The security researcher states that in general, this synchronization can cause WhatsApp features to be removed as well; Because to adapt the design and encryption in two different messengers Major changes Applied. So WhatsApp probably doesn’t come short. We have to wait and see where the end of this case ends.

To what extent do you think the enactment of this rule and the removal of encrypted messages endanger WhatsApp security?

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