Issuance of 7 million corona fines; Some cars were fined 100 times

صدور ۷ میلیون قبض جریمه کرونایی؛ برخی خودروها ۱۰۰ بار جریمه شدند

Following the spread of coronary heart disease and the growth of the number of patients and the deaths of this disease, the National Anti-Corona Headquarters approved a two-week closure of unnecessary guilds. Join us for a look at the news of this holiday and the unauthorized traffic during it:

Issuance of 7 million corona fines; Some cars were fined 100 times [به روز رسانی] – May 1400

Sardar Seyed Kamal Hadianfar, Rahoor Naja Police Chief, announced:

About 7 million fines have been issued since the beginning of the coronation restrictions, and some drivers have even been fined 100 times.

Although many of our compatriots canceled their trip and returned after being warned by the police, unfortunately, 30% of their compatriots do not observe the traffic restrictions.

Fine of 500,000 cars from 9 pm to 4 am [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۹۹

Interior Minister Abdul Reza Rahmani Fazli announced:

“The police presented a report on the measures taken to manage road and urban traffic, in which about 500,000 vehicles were fined between 9 pm and 4 am.”

Taking into account the amount of the fine of 200,000 Tomans, it can be estimated that the implementation of this plan has resulted in a figure of about 100 billion Tomans for the police force.

Solve the corona traffic problem by receiving a native license plate code in just 45 minutes [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۹۹

Col. Ali Mohammadi, head of the Rahoor Naja Police Numbering Center, said regarding the change of license plates according to the area and place of residence of individuals: Report your change of residence, address and postal code to the numbering unit; “The legal responsibility for not informing the place of residence lies with the owner.”

“According to this legal article, people whose cars have a license plate in one city and who live in another place must change the code of their license plate,” said the head of the Rahoor Naja Police Numbering Center.

“If compatriots change their license plate code according to their place of residence, they will have no problem getting around and entering the city of their place of residence,” he said, referring to approvals by the National Corona headquarters banning non-native license plates from entering cities.

In response to another question on how to change the license plate code, the head of the Rahoor Naja Police Numbering Center said: Individuals can go to one of the license plate change centers and change their license plate to the license plate code of their city of residence through online appointments and having proof of residence, including a lease or title deed, identity documents and car documents with the car. “

Colonel Mohammadi said: “The whole process of changing the license plate code is done in a period of 45 minutes to an hour; “This way, cars that live in a city with non-native license plates will not have any problems during traffic restrictions and bans.”

How to protest against traffic fines? [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۹۹

If you, like many other Iranian citizens, have received a fine without leaving home and ignoring the approvals of the Corona headquarters, you will have to wait for the final registration within the next 10 days. In this case, you do not need to be in the traffic police or 10+ police stations. It is possible that about 10 days after the administrative process, the final fine will not be recorded for you and the traffic police personnel will detect errors in the automatic detection systems and violation recording cameras.

To ensure that the fine is registered or not, you must visit the official website of Rahvar Police within 10 days after receiving the SMS. Of course, there are different sources for inquiring about car violations; But the easiest and fastest way to this end is to visit Rahvar120.ir and click on the option to inquire about driving violations. In the next step, using the VIN code on the car card (car card), you can see the registered and definite violations of any type of vehicle.

You can object to a Rahvar120 website or other reputable authority, such as a license plate replacement center, if you notice a fine for a car. Note, however, that reaching the penalty elimination stage is usually possible to record a violation with an autofocus camera, and in other cases, it will be difficult to get results.

Article 5 of the Law on Investigation of Traffic Violations states: The violator is obliged to pay the fine to the account determined and announced by the General Treasury within sixty days from the date stated in the receipt of the fine or the date notified in the receipt of the fine. Receives or submits his / her objection to the Traffic Enforcement Administration within the mentioned period, stating the reasons. The said office is obliged to carry out the necessary investigation within 24 hours after receiving the objection and in case of deeming the objection unjustified, to inform the protester; At the insistence of the protester, the Bureau of Enforcement sends the matter to the Handling Unit for Complaints of Driving Violations.

The unit consists of a judge with the notification of the head of the judiciary and a traffic expert with the introduction of the relevant traffic police chief, and the unit will be chaired by a judge who will issue a verdict after consulting another member. The vote is final.

If the violator does not submit his objection within the mentioned legal deadline or does not pay the fine within twenty days after the notification of the verdict, he is obliged to pay the fine based on twice the amount stated in the fine receipt.

Elimination of coronary crimes of public vehicles and medical staff [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۹۹

Sardar Hadianfar, Rahoor Naja Police Chief, announced:

Penalties for owners of cars with public license plates, white-plate freight vans, taxis and Internet taxis will be removed after the project is completed. Fines for doctors and nurses will also be forgiven by the governorates after their list is announced.

Police: Non-native cars living in Tehran will be fined for traffic [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۹۹

Following the spread of coronary heart disease and the growth of the number of patients and the deaths of this disease, the National Anti-Corona Headquarters approved a two-week closure of unnecessary guilds.

The Tehran Police Chief explained the traffic situation of non-native cars living in Tehran that travel in this city during the capital’s two-week vacation.

“The drivers of these cars have to endure two weeks,” said Sardar Hossein Rahimi about the traffic situation of these vehicles during the two-week closure and the ban on their movement.

Non-native cars living in Tehran

“For example, when we close thousands of trade unions to prevent the spread of the disease and the spread of the corona virus, the drivers of such vehicles should also help to prevent the spread of the disease further,” the Greater Tehran police chief added.

“Non-native cars living in Tehran will be fined for traveling in the capital, and the software is designed to enforce the law,” he said.

In cities that are declared red and orange, only those who have the local license plate are allowed to travel and the rest are not allowed to enter those cities.

The meeting of the Supreme Traffic Council is also on the agenda to review and plan possible arrangements for more intra-city public transport to combat the corona.

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