It was possible to submit a request for a blue Twitter tick again

امکان ثبت درخواست برای تیک آبی توییتر دوباره فراهم شد

For about three years, users have been unable to submit a request to confirm their account and receive a blue Twitter tick. But now the said feature has been reactivated for users to confirm the user profile to receive the mark for the verified account.

Twitter blue tick is sometimes used as a symbol to measure the credibility of user accounts, and sometimes it is used only for visual beauty and to show off social status. In recent years, however, ordinary users have not been able to receive such a token, and only certain well-known Twitter accounts have been able to receive it. But soon all users can register their request to confirm the account. Of course, this feature is enabled for users in a step-by-step manner and is not currently available to everyone.

But who has the necessary conditions to verify their account? People active in the fields of acting, music, journalism, fashion, business, religion, politics and sports will be eligible to receive the Twitter blue tick. In the past, such people could submit their requests, but due to the increase in requests and the impossibility of automatically reviewing them, Twitter was forced to make such a feature unavailable.

As in the past, you no longer need to submit a request through the web version, and users can also proceed through the settings section of the application. After completing the authentication process, the request will be registered for review. Twitter has put a lot of emphasis on slow release of the feature for users because it is expected that a huge amount of requests will be sent to this popular social network and processing them will not be easy.

Twitter blue tick can be a good way to separate reputable and insecure accounts, and it will be much more important to journalists and politicians than art and sports celebrities.

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