It was possible to use Samsung phones as digital car keys

استفاده از گوشی‌های سامسونگ به عنوان کلید دیجیتال خودرو ممکن شد

Samsung, in partnership with the Genesis car brand, made it possible for the first time to use Galaxy phones equipped with UWB technology as the digital key of the Genesis GV60 car.

Samsung announced earlier this year that it was partnering with automakers to open car doors using Galaxy phones equipped with Ultra Wide Band or UWB (broadband) technology. Apparently this technology giant intends Take this project Start with the Genesis GV60 electric car, which launched last week, and use Galaxy phones equipped with UWB technology as the car’s digital key.

Currently, Galaxy phones equipped with this technology include the Galaxy Note 20 Plus, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. Owners of these phones can easily open and close the car with their phones if they buy the Genesis GV60. In this technology, the car’s digital key is fully integrated with the phone.

Owners of the Genesis GV60 can use this technology to share the car’s digital key with friends and acquaintances, and even create a limited time for the digital key to be used by them.

Samsung acknowledges that turning on the car’s engine, opening the trunk and activating customization of some settings, such as adjusting the mirror before entering the car, is also possible with technology. Using this technology is first possible for South Korean users, and these users must use the Samsung Pass application to benefit from this technology.

UWB is a wireless communication technology that enables wireless communication between two devices at close range using radio waves. In fact, phones equipped with this technology, such as radar with continuous search, can find devices compatible with this technology and, after identifying the location, communicate with them.

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