Jack Dorsey: Ilan Mask is the only reliable option for navigating Twitter

جک دورسی: ایلان ماسک تنها گزینه قابل اطمینان برای هدایت توییتر است

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted Ilan Mask It is the only way to trust this social network. He said privatizing the company and exiting the Wall Street market would be the right first step. Apparently having a good relationship with Tesla’s CEO, he was a supporter of the deal from the beginning.

Jack Dorsey follows the announcement of the purchase of Twitter by Ilan Mask, in Tweet string He expressed his views on this. He first released a song by Radiohead called “Everything In Its Right Place” meaning “Everything Is In Its Place” and later wrote about his love for Twitter. This social network is the closest thing to one, he said Global Consensus Is.

“Ideas and service are the only things that matter to me, and I will do everything I can to protect them,” Dorsey added in his next tweet. Twitter as A company It has always been my only problem and my biggest regret. The company was owned by Wall Street and an advertising-based revenue model. Reclaim it from Wall Street “It’s the first step.”

The Twitter problem can only be solved through Ilan Mask

The co-founder of Twitter went on to emphasize that he basically thinks so No one should Be the owner or manager of Twitter. This platform should not be a company but a public good at the protocol level. According to Dorsey, but now that the problem of being a company has arisen for Twitter, Ilan single It is a solution that he is confident in. Dorsey said he trusts Mask’s mission to raise awareness.

Jack Dorsey added: “Ilan’s goal is to build as much platform as possible trustworthy And to include different tastes, that’s right. This is the goal of Parag [آگراوال] And why him [برای مدیرعاملی] I chose. Thank you both for taking the company out of this impossible situation. “That’s the right way… and I believe in it from the bottom of my heart.”

At the end of his speech, the former CEO of Twitter said that he is happy that Twitter continues to function as a platform for public dialogue around the world and among the stars. With this message, he probably referred to the activities of SpaceX Ilan Mask and his ambitions for colonization on other planets.

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