Jahromi: One of the reasons for the disruption of the Internet in the past few days was to prevent the sale of entrance exam questions

جهرمی: یکی از دلایل اختلال اینترنت در روزهای گذشته جلوگیری از فروش سؤالات کنکور بود

Over the past week, a number of users across the country have encountered major disruptions to the Internet, which, according to the Minister of Communications, is one of the reasons for the concern and fear of leaking entrance exam questions.

“Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi” on the sidelines of the signing of a five-way memorandum of understanding between the Deputy for Crime Prevention of the Judiciary and the Ministry of Communications and three major mobile phone operators, in response to the question of what is the cause of mobile Internet disruptions Had said:

“The power outage process affected us, but yesterday’s disruption, despite the arrangements made, was the issue of holding the entrance exam. Many miners did not have mental security due to the possibility of questions being leaked in cyberspace, although the assessment organization was also sensitive to this issue, which is justified. It was requested that 3g and 4g internet not be active in the exam areas, which will definitely affect the neighborhoods where the entrance exam was held. “Of course, the harms of the disruptions outweigh the benefits, so we need to think differently next year.”

Jahromi also continued to talk to reporters about questions related to information on legal issues and crimes via SMS. In response to the question when this SMS notifications will start, the Minister of Communications said that this action is not only through SMS and there are other tools, but the work process will start today and the Ministry of Communications will cooperate with the judiciary in the field of awareness and It helps.

In this regard, the Judiciary’s Deputy for Prevention has announced that the sending of these text messages will be done only based on the frequency of crimes, in such a way that a link will be sent along with the text message so that the audience can refer to that link for further reading. Accordingly, a text message is to be sent to 75 to 80 million people in Iran every week to raise awareness of crime.

Jahromi also commented on satellite internet and said:

“Satellite Internet is a phenomenon that we will face. This is a new era because many areas are not covered by mobile internet. Of course, the United States has always sought to develop its platforms against all countries because of its hegemonic nature in all areas. Therefore, it has been pursuing this issue for a long time. “We must also prepare ourselves in this situation.”

Jahromi added that we have territorial regulations in the country for the use of satellite internet. But the space agency has also been looking for satellite systems, and we should not be afraid and we should prepare ourselves to learn from them.

It should be noted that the Minister of Communications of Nowruz said this year that the development of new technologies and the emergence of blockchain and satellite Internet are among the factors that can make filtering obsolete.

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