James Webb telescope and SLS rocket selected as top inventions by TIME

James Webb telescope and SLS rocket selected as top inventions by TIME

James Webb Space Telescope and NASA’s new SLS rocket system recently as Top inventions The year 2022 is considered by Time magazine. NASA led an international collaboration to develop the web with the help of the European Space Agency and Canada, and the SLS rocket, the world’s most powerful rocket designed for missions to Mars and the Moon, recently successfully launched the first stage of the Artemis mission after long delays.

In this regard, Mike Menzel, the engineer in charge of the James Webb mission system, stated that the design of this space telescope was done to see the first lights emitted in the universe, and this engineer also admitted that he was very surprised after seeing the first images and realizing the capabilities of James Webb. .

TIME magazine named the web telescope as the best invention in the design category. NASA’s SLS rocket also launched on its first test flight last week, November 16, to take the unmanned Orion spacecraft into lunar orbit and then back to Earth. SLS is the only rocket capable of sending humans to the moon and beyond with the help of the Orion spacecraft.

Time Magazine Top Inventions 2022

In this regard, Time magazine has introduced the SLS rocket as the best experimental invention in the world. John Honeycutt, NASA’s SLS program manager in Alabama, said the SLS rocket system is the most advanced rocket since the Saturn V, and its innovative design will enable it to carry heavy payloads for complex missions to send astronauts to the Moon and Mars.

The Webb Telescope was launched from France on December 25, 2021, and has released some amazing images of the cosmos since launch. This telescope, which was introduced as the best invention of 2022 in the design section of Time magazine, has managed to see the early galaxies and has even recorded lattice observations in the solar system. The advanced SLS rocket was built with the participation of more than 1,000 companies in 45 American states, and the main contractors of this project include Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Currently, NASA and its industrial partners are building rockets for four more Artemis missions. All NASA centers have contributed to the Artemis missions, which are set to usher in a new era of human exploration of deep space.

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  • The upgrade of the old power system of the International Space Station is being done by NASA

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