Japanese scientists claim to make aging vaccine: a way to remove zombie cells

دانشمندان ژاپنی مدعی ساخت واکسن پیری شدند: راهی برای حذف سلول‌های زامبی

A group of Japanese researchers have claimed to have developed an aging vaccine. They say they have developed a vaccine that can kill cells called zombies. The number of these cells increases with age, and by damaging nearby cells, they cause various diseases, including vascular stiffness.

Japanese researchers such as Toro Minamino, a professor at Juntendo University Confirmed Their aging vaccine in mice reduced the number of zombie cells or aging cells. “We can expect this vaccine to be used to treat stiffness, diabetes and other diseases of old age,” Minamino said. The findings are published in the journal Nature Aging.

Aging cells are those cells that no longer divide and die. These cells damage the cells around them by secreting substances that cause inflammation. They identified the protein in these cells and made their own vaccine based on the amino acid that makes it.

The aging vaccine has been successful in mice

The Japanese vaccine helps the body make antibodies that attach to aging cells and are targeted by white blood cells to kill them. The group tested the aging vaccine on mice with vascular stiffness and found a reduction in aging cells and the effects of the disease. Researchers say injecting the vaccine into older mice slows the progression of aging compared to unvaccinated mice.

Many of the drugs used today to remove aging cells are the same anti-cancer drugs that may have several side effects. It is now said that the side effects of this Japanese vaccine are less and have a more lasting effect. However, more research is needed to use this treatment in humans. If all goes well in the years to come, we may eventually have a vaccine against the diseases of old age.

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