Jeff Bezos-sponsored company launches nuclear fusion plant by 2025

شرکت تحت حمایت جف بزوس تا سال ۲۰۲۵ نیروگاه همجوشی هسته‌ای راه‌اندازی می‌کند

Canadian-based General Fusion, which is funded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has announced the construction of a nuclear fusion plant in the UK.

The Canadian company and the British Atomic Energy Agency (UKAEA) are working together on such a project They cooperate. Following this partnership, General Fusion will build a nuclear fusion demonstration plant in the village of Coolham near Oxford.

The facility will be a proof-of-concept facility, allowing General Fusion to demonstrate “Target Magnetic Fusion” (MTF) technology before building its first commercial power plant.

If everything goes according to plan, the construction of this power plant will be key in 2022, and 3 years later, in 2025, it will be commissioned.

British Minister of Science, Amanda Selovi In the statement The plant is said to have strengthened the country’s plans to develop a nuclear fusion industry:

“The new plant being built by General Fusion will significantly strengthen our plans to develop a nuclear fusion industry in the UK. “I am very happy that Coleham is home to this very advanced technology that can be turned into a revolutionary project.”

Jeff Bezos has been one of General Fusion’s investors over the past decade. The company was able to raise $ 100 million in the latest round of raising capital.

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Fusion is the core of a new technology that is still considered an experimental source for energy production. Nuclear fusion is different from nuclear fission. Modern nuclear power plants now use nuclear fission to generate energy.

In nuclear fission, as the name implies, we are dealing with the separation of atoms, but in fusion, the nuclei of two atoms collide to form a heavier atom. Such an approach generates a huge amount of energy and that is why different countries want to achieve this technology.

One of the countries active in the field of nuclear fusion is China, which with the “artificial sun” wants to achieve unlimited energy as soon as possible and indefinitely. China’s recent artificial solar core fusion reactor was able to break the record with more than 1 minute of operation.

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