Jeff Bezos thanked Amazon employees and customers after a successful trip to the edge of space

جف بزوس پس از سفر موفقیت‌آمیز به لبه فضا از کارمندان و مشتریان آمازون تشکر کرد

Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thanked all the Amazon employees and customers who paid for such a trip with his presence after a successful trip to the edge of space.

After his exciting trip, he answered reporters’ questions about this unique experience and thanked all those who played a role in the field. Bezos said in a recent interview:

I want to thank all the Amazon employees and all the Amazon customers, because they paid for it.

When Bezos returned to Earth after a few minutes in space, he answered a number of reporters’ questions about his experience of the trip. The richest man in the world, In this interview He shared his views on space and land pollution and said:

We must transport all heavy and polluting industries into space and preserve the earth as a beautiful gem.

In the same interview, Bezos also spoke about his plans to expand the Blue Origin space tourism business in the coming decades. However, large amounts of carbon and other chemicals are likely to enter the atmosphere because, unlike ground-emission sources such as cars or coal factories, the gases emitted by the rocket enter the upper atmosphere directly and accumulate there for several years. Bezos continues that we need unity and solidarity. When you look at this planet, you see no boundaries. In fact, this planet is in a fragile state and says that we share in the fate of this planet.

Bezos is also known as an unbearable leader, and the feedback he has given has annoyed many employees. However, he resigned as CEO of Amazon earlier this month and was replaced by Andy Jassi.

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