Kaspersky has identified 5.8 million in-game malware attacks by 2020

کسپرسکی ۵.۸ میلیون حمله بدافزاری در قالب بازی را در سال ۲۰۲۰ شناسایی کرده است

During the Corona virus epidemic, the number of gamers has increased and cybercriminals know that they need to pay more attention to this space. Kaspersky says it stopped more than 5.8 million malware and other unwanted software attacks in 2020, replacing popular computer games.

Kaspersky researchers surveyed 24 popular PC games and 10 popular mobile games and found that computer threat detection increased by about 66 percent in the first to second quarters of 2020, reaching 2.5 million worldwide. it is arrived. With the beginning of 2021 and the relative exodus of people from homes, the number of cyber attacks has decreased slightly to less than 637 thousand.

The security situation in the mobile market was initially similar to the world of personal computers, and the amount of malware that disguised itself as a game increased by 185%. But with some travel restrictions lifted, the amount of time spent on smartphones was reduced by only less than 10 percent compared to the peak period. So mobile threats are almost as strong as before.

Interestingly, Minecraft is the most popular game for hiding malware on both PC and mobile platforms and has more than three million identities. The next categories are The Sims 4, PubJie, Fortnite, and GTA V.

Most of the files that enter users’ systems under the name of these popular games are malware or trojans that search for sensitive information on the victim’s systems. “Although it is very easy to fall into the trap of these fake games, if you do a little research before buying or downloading any game, you can easily avoid such dangers,” says Kaspersky.

For example, just do some research in the comments section before downloading and see what other users have to say. In addition, it is recommended that you download games from official stores to minimize the risk to your computer.

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