Korean media claim: LG and Apple are on the verge of signing a car manufacturing contract

Korean media claim: LG and Apple are on the verge of signing a car manufacturing contract

We’ve been seeing reports of Apple’s electric car for a long time now New report It is claimed that the joint company LG and Magna, which is called “LG Magna e-Powertrain”, is one step closer to signing a contract for the production of this car.

Under the deal, LG and Magna International will reportedly take over the production of the initial round of Apple cars. If previous reports are true, the earliest time Apple is introduced will be in 2025.

The partnership between LG and Magna is likely to be completed this year, and Apple will apparently be the main customer of the new company.

Earlier this year, there were many reports of Apple collaborating with Kia and Hyundai to produce the Cupertino electric car. However, after a while, the Korean automakers announced the cessation of negotiations with Apple.

According to experts, the Apple car will be driven by the same company logo, and the relationship between the Cupertinos and the manufacturer of this car will be similar to Foxconn’s relationship with the iPhone. In fact, the Apple maker takes the work out of the parts and assembles it, which is not to the liking of the automakers. Hyundai and Kia, for example, see such a move as a blow to their reputation as automakers.

LG and Magna are not well known in the automotive world, so Apple can use them to make its product. LG and Magna currently supply some auto parts, such as batteries and engines, to companies such as Tesla, General Motors, Ford and Biamo, so they are familiar with this market.

Since 2015, the Cupertinos have been developing automotive technology under the Titan project. Although there were reports of a halt to the project in 2017, Apple is still working on the project with multiple hires.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said in an interview that the Cupertinos are looking to integrate hardware, software and services into the world of electric vehicles. The same talk could signal the continuation of Apple’s auto business.

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