Lamborghini hopes to maintain internal combustion engines after 2030

امیدواری لامبورگینی به حفظ موتورهای درونسوز پس از سال ۲۰۳۰

Last year, the European Commission proposed a plan under which The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from cars by 2030 should be reduced by 55% compared to 2021. This plan has another clause and if finalized, the sale of cars equipped with gasoline and diesel engines from 2035 Prohibited will be. Despite the proposal, a number of automakers are still optimistic about the future of internal combustion engines, of which Lamborghini is one. The Italian company is very interested in internal combustion engines and is trying to use them after 2030.

Stephen Winkelmann CEO of Lamborghini In a recent interview with a German newspaper, he mentioned this point and said that Lamborghini will do its best to keep internal combustion engines on production lines after this decade. Mr Winkelmann said:

“After electrification, we will wait to see if it is possible to supply cars with internal combustion engines after 2030. “One possibility is to keep internal combustion engines alive with the help of synthetic fuels.”

The CEO of Lamborghini is a big fan of internal combustion engines. He also said in December 2020 that he would continue to produce internal combustion vehicles as much as possible.


But despite this Lamborghini also has its own production The first all-electric model Prepares itself. According to the company’s plans, this model in the year 2028 Will arrive. As announced Very electric model It will be different from the current Lamborghini. Some experts predict Lamborghini’s first all-electric car will be introduced in the form of a four-seater crossover. However, before the final version is introduced, Lamborghini will probably welcome its first electric car with the unveiling of a concept model.

Should be mentioned This year is the last year that Lamborghini launches products with a purely petrol engine, as the company will launch all its products with a hybrid engine from next year.

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