Launch of new AMD Dragon Range APUs with possible RDNA 3 support

Launch of new AMD Dragon Range APUs with possible RDNA 3 support

Recently an engineer AMD It recently released a patch for the Linux kernel that enables support for Zen 4 APU-based integrated GPUs codenamed Dragon Range and Phoenix. Both GPUs seem likely to feature iGPUs based on the company’s latest RDNA 3 architecture, however, neither has made it to market yet, although they should be available next month.

The new Dragon Range products of the red team based on the Zen 4 architecture and will be called the next generation of the Ryzen 7045 APU series, which are supposed to bring high-end performance to gaming laptops, and the new patch has been released for this reason. This patch specifically mentions the new APUs and is shown to bring support for the AMD SoC21 infrastructure design and the GFX1103 APU.

The Linux patch didn’t reveal any additional details about the number of RDNA 3 compute units and stream processors that AMD is going to ship in the Ryzen 7045 Dragon Range APU series, but since we’re talking about GPUs with a TDP of 55W, it’s assumed This is to provide much better performance compared to existing RDNA 2 APUs.

APU Dragon Range Linux patch

While we know that the Phoenix series APUs are mostly aimed at mainstream laptops (TDP between 35 and 45 watts for the Phoenix series) and these products are supposed to be based on the Zen 4 architecture, it is not clear whether these chips will be compatible with RDNA 3 support is available or not. It can be hoped that AMD will release these APUs with support for this new chiplet design.

Once again, as always, AMD didn’t comment on unreleased products, so we’ll have to wait until early 2023, possibly at CES, for more information.

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