Launching Loongson processor in 2023 and trying to compete with Intel’s Tiger Lake and AMD Zen 3

Launching Loongson processor in 2023 and trying to compete with Intel's Tiger Lake and AMD Zen 3

Chinese chipmaker Longson It is trying to close the gap with Intel and AMD, and the company intends to do this with the release of its next generation processors. The company recently announced during its innovation summit in Nanjing, China that it is working on its next-generation processors that will be designed to compete with other processors in the Chinese domestic market and will use the Dragon core architecture.

The first products that are going to use this architecture are going to be called the 4th generation Loongson 3A6000 and it is said that it is going to offer performance equal to or similar to Intel Willow Cove or AMD Zen 4 desktop CPU series. The company reconfirmed that the designs are complete and the processors are in production, with the first samples expected to be available in early 2023.

Supplying for the Chinese domestic market and competing with existing CPUs

However, the main supply of these chips will probably be in the middle of 2023. This architecture, which seems to be proprietary to this company, will lead to a 68% increase in single-core floating-point computing performance, and a 37% increase in fixed-point computing performance. For comparison, this company used the 11th generation Intel and AMD Zen 3 processors, which is clear in the pictures.

Loongson processor

Looking at the numbers above, Loongson 3A6000 processors have the same IPC as Intel and AMD processor series, which is considered a positive leap and performance for a Chinese-made processor. Providing a processor with the same performance as the Zen 3 product series seems appropriate for this company, while AMD’s new processors with Zen 4 architecture have just been released.

The Chinese company, however, did not mention the exact architecture and processing clock speed, as well as the socket and platform supporting this series of processors, but we can expect that these products will be presented with similar or perhaps lower performance than the previous two generations of Intel and AMD.

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