Learn about the world’s most powerful atomic bombs; From Mk-14 to Giant Tsar

Learn about the world's most powerful atomic bombs;  From Mk-14 to Giant Tsar

Throughout history, especially during the Cold War, many nuclear bombs were made, most of which were made America And the Union Soviet Union They were. In this article, we want to take a look at the most powerful atomic bombs in the world, the deadly but much weaker example of which was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

In the following, we will introduce you to the most powerful atomic bombs in the world.

10. Mk-14 atomic bomb with 6.9 megatons

The Mark 14 nuclear bomb (also known as the Mk-14 or TX-14) is a Hydrogen bomb It was an American designed in the 1950s and was the first solid fuel hydrogen bomb in the world. The United States built only five of these bombs by 1954, and tested them in April of that year during the “Castle Union” nuclear test.

The 5.4-meter-long bomb used a non-radioactive isotope of lithium and was designed to be carried by B-36 and B-47 bombers, as it weighed 14,000 kilograms. The bomb landed with a parachute and slowed down. The Mark 14 was successful during the Kessel Union nuclear test and its explosive power 6.9 megatons Was.

Mark 14 in terms of size approximately 328 times It was more powerful than the nuclear bomb used in Nagasaki in 1945. However, the Mk-14 retired later that year, as it gained 5 megatons of power from the fission reaction and was described as “dirty” due to the high volume of radiation it left behind. As a result, all five Mk-14 bombs were recycled, and in 1956 they built a larger, more efficient bomb called the Mk-17.

9. Mk-16 nuclear bomb with 7 megatons

The Mark 16 atomic bomb (also known as the Mk-16 and TX-16 or EC-16) was a hydrogen bomb based on the Ivy Mike bomb. This weapon is the only thermonuclear bomb that from Cold deuterium fuel Used. The Mark 16 was extremely large due to the large number of vacuum chambers required by this type of fuel. The bomb was 7.6 meters long and weighed 19,000 kilograms. As a result, only a specific model of the B-36 bomber could carry the weapon.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

Although these bombs were made in January 1954, they became obsolete in April of that year due to their success in testing solid-fuel nuclear weapons. The Mk-16 was supposed to be tested as part of Operation Boredom, but the success of the Shrimp or Shrimp bomb dropped the Mark 16 from the US military.

However, the Mk-16 is powerful 7 to 8 megatons It was one of the most powerful atomic bombs in the world. This weapon is approx 333 times It was more powerful than the “fat man” bomb used in Nagasaki.

8. B53 or Mk-15 atomic bomb with 9 megatons

The B53 bomb (or “Mark 53”) is a hydrogen bomb سنگرشکن It was built by the US military in the 1960s. This powerful bomb was the first to be designed in response to Soviet rock-breaking bombs during the Cold War. B53 could destroy the surrounding land and damage underground centers. The United States wanted to have the upper hand in the event of a nuclear war.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

Although the Mark 53 was much smaller (3.6 meters and weighed 4,000 kilograms) than the 1950s nuclear bombs, its power 9 مگاتن you will arrive. This weapon could destroy all structures within a radius of 14.4 km and burn about 32 km. Researchers estimated that the atomic bomb could reach a distance of 3.6 km 90% loss To have along.

In total, more than 340 B53 bombs were made in the 1960s, 50 of which were transferred to Titan projects. Finally, the last B53 bombs were detonated in 2011 due to security concerns and maintenance.

7. Mk-36 nuclear bomb with 10 megatons

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

The Mk-36 atomic bomb, or “Mark 36”, was one of the most powerful atomic bombs in the world, first produced in the 1950s. The Mark 36 uses the Mk-21 multi-stage fusion system, the first nuclear weapon Dry It was considered to have been tested by the US government.

Mk-36 bomb with a size of 3.8 meters and an approximate weight of 8,000 kilograms of equivalent power 10 megatons Provided. The bomb, with two separate parachutes, was designed to land gently with the parachute and allow the bomber to escape. The United States made a total of more than 940 brands of 36, which were of two types, Y1 and Y2. But the nuclear weapon also retired in 1962 and was replaced by a more powerful B41 bomb.

6. Ivy Mike hydrogen bomb with 10.4 megatons

The Ivy Mike atomic bomb was a thermonuclear bomb that was first tested on November 1, 1952, in the Anotak Ring Territory. The bomb, made by Richard Garvin, was extremely powerful at 6.19 meters and weighed 82,000 kilograms. 10.4 megatons you will arrive. Ivy Mike created a 3.3 km radius after the explosion.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world
Ivy Mike

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners. 17 thousand meters Raised. The radioactive waste of this explosion is approximately at a distance 56 km It spread and its radioactive fall lasted for months. It explodes two new elements called Einsteinium And فرمیوم Created at the test site. These elements were created under the influence of high neutron flux density. Ivy Mike in terms of explosive power 472 times Obese man is estimated.

5. Mk-24 / B-24 atomic bomb with 10 to 15 megatons

The Mk-24 bomb, also known as the B-24 or “Mark 24”, was a giant thermonuclear weapon built by the US military between 1954 and 1955. In less than a year, about 105 of these bombs were created based on a test of the “Castle Yankee” series of bombs.

Mark 24 as Third The world’s largest nuclear bomb (in terms of dimensions) was 7.5 meters long and weighed 19,000 kilograms. The bomb was never officially tested by the US government, but researchers believed it had the power 10 to 15 megatons Because the Yankee bass had reached 13.5 megatons in power in the experiments. As a result, a 20-meter parachute was designed to slow down the Mk-24.

Although the bomb retired soon after its development, the body of a 24 brand is now on display at the Castle Air Museum in California.

4. Mk-17 nuclear bomb with 10 to 15 megatons

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

The Mark 17 atomic bomb was the first hydrogen bomb to be mass-produced by the US military in 1954. The bomb was dropped in 1957 because more advanced bombs were being developed, but the Mk-17 was one of the most powerful atomic bombs in the world, with a power close to 15 مگاتن Was.

The Mk-17 bomb was known for its size and weight. The bomb is 7.52 meters long and weighs 18,800 kg you will arrive. The United States built a total of 200 Mk-17 bombs and several custom B-36 bombers to carry the weapon.

The Mark 17, like many of the bombs on the list, was designed with a 20-meter parachute to land smoothly and give the bomber time to escape the blast. As we said, the bomb soon became obsolete, but five examples of the Mk-17 fuselage are now on display in US Air Force museums, including in California and New Mexico.

3. Atomic bomb TX-21 or shrimp with 14.8 megatons

The TX-21 nuclear bomb, known as the “thermonuclear bomb”شریمپ” Or Shrimp (Or “Castle Bravo”) was first tested on March 1, 1954 in Bikini Ring on the Marshall Islands. The bomb was more than 4.5 meters long and weighed nearly 10,000 kilograms. The TX-21 was first designed as a 6-megaton weapon that used lithium deutrid for its fission fuel.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

However, given the errors that occurred during the design of the bomb at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Shrimp test blast was almost three times as powerful. 15 مگاتن Created up to approx 1000 times More powerful than the atomic bomb used in World War II. The nuclear weapon produced a 7.2-kilometer fireball in a matter of seconds after exploding. 400 km Was visible.

The height of the fungal cloud reached 14,000 meters in less than a minute and was 11 kilometers long. Radioactive contamination of this environmental explosion by area 11 thousand square kilometers Was developed in the Pacific. In addition, due to strong winds at the time of the experiment, radioactive material was observed in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and the southwestern United States until a few weeks later. The unpredictable radioactive explosion of the explosion Various diseases Includes nausea, hair loss, diarrhea, skin lesions and vomiting.

Although the TX-21 was not the largest US military atomic bomb, it is the largest nuclear test in US history.

2. B41 nuclear bomb with 25 megatons

The B41 atomic bomb, also known as the Mk-41, was a three-stage thermonuclear weapon developed by the United States in the early 1960s. This bomb is the most powerful bomb in American history with its destructive power 25 megatons arrives. The B41 used deuterium-tritium and deuterium enriched with lithium-6 for fuel, making it one of the most powerful atomic bombs in the world.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

The B76 bomb, measuring 3.76 meters and weighing more than 4,800 kilograms, was designed to be carried with the Stratoforters B-52 and Stratoget B-47 bombers with or without a parachute. The United States produced about 500 of these giant bombs between 1960 and 1962, and then retired in July 1976 to use the B53.

Although the size of the Mk-41 was smaller than most of the bombs on the list, researchers estimate that it was the most effective thermonuclear bomb in history that could deliver the most destructive power in terms of weight. B41 in terms of strength and ability to destroy approx 1136 times It was more powerful than the bomb used in Japan.

1. Tsar bomb with 50 megatons

The RDS-220 hydrogen bomb, known as the Tsar, ranks first among the world’s most powerful atomic bombs. The Soviet Union tested the bomb on October 30, 1961, on the island of Novaya Zemlya. Tsar 27 thousand kilograms It was carried with a Tu-95V bomber and its size was 8 by 2.4 meters.

Due to its large size and high destructive power, the Soviet Union provided a special parachute for the tsar to land safely and give the bomber ample opportunity to at least 45 km Have to get farther. However, it is said that the scientists of this country had considered the chance of survival of the flight crew only 50%, and of course they had not been informed of this event.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

At 11:32 a.m. local time, the Tsar’s atomic bomb dropped from an altitude of 10,500 meters and exploded at an altitude of approximately 4,000 meters above the ground. The blast wave was so violent that its effect 200 km The other side was felt on a plane that had arrived to monitor the area. Some researchers estimate the force of the explosion 58.6 Megatons Was.

The crew of the Tu-95V survived the blast, but the blast wave hit their plane 114 km away and nearly caused them to crash. One of the planes America The KC-135R, which was nearby at the time of the test, was hit by an explosion and its pilot was about to die.

The most powerful atomic bombs in the world

The Tsar bomb, which was supposed to be a secret experiment, from 1000 km It was visible from a distance and had a fireball 8 km long and a large fungal cloud high 67 km (Seven times the height of Mount Everest) that rose to the mesosphere of the Earth’s atmosphere. Researchers say the shock wave of the bomb could be felt up to 900 km away, breaking window glass in Norway And Finland have been. The heat of the explosion was as high as it could be at a distance 100 km Cause third degree burns.

Despite the tremendous power of the Tsarist bomb, Soviet scientists had actually reduced the bomb’s power by modifying it. The RDS-220 initially had approx 100 megatons But scientists downplayed the weapon for fear of nuclear destruction and the death of the flight crew. However, the Tsar is still the deadliest and most destructive atomic bomb in history.

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