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یادگیری و درآمدزایی با آموزش سئو برتر آموز

SEO is one of the digital money-making parts of marketing. If you are proficient in SEO, you can make good money this way. There are many ways to monetize SEO now, which we will talk more about in this article. We need to know beforehand SEO What is? SEO is a set of tasks and activities performed on a site to place that site on targeted words in the initial results of Google.

What is the use of SEO?

This question will definitely arise. What is the use of SEO? With an example, we will tell you the importance of SEO: the word German language training is searched more than twenty thousand times a month in Google, now if you have a site and a German language learning product is on your site, only at a price of 200 thousand Tomans and your site SEO on the word German language training that someone searched for this word in Google to display your site to the user, now out of these twenty thousand searches only 5 thousand people will enter your site within a month and only one hundred of you have bought your educational product You have earned twenty million tomans a month! Yes, this is the only corner of SEO money-making knowledge that has not yet been sufficiently maneuvered in Iran. Large sites in Iran such as Soft98, Bartar Amooz, Varzesh Seh, Digitala, etc., which have reached this point of success with SEO, and a large number of inputs are attracted to these sites daily.

SEO monetization methods

There are many ways to monetize SEO. In a way that you can make money at home this way. Here are some SEO methods that SEO expert Mohsen Habibi Rad has told you:

Get SEO project: In this method, there are many companies and businesses that want to bring their site to the first page of Google on targeted words in their field of work, but because they do not have high SEO, they have to leave it to SEO experts and here SEO professionals can have a high income by receiving and doing this project.

SEO training: If you have excellent mastery in SEO, you can work in the field of training.

SEO Consulting: Generally, there are many individuals and businesses that are looking for experts to provide SEO consulting to promote their site. In these consultations, you can specify the path of SEO sites and give advice that will facilitate the SEO work for site administrators in the future, you will give them a kind of roadmap.

SEO Analyst: In this case, there are people whose only job and expertise is complete site analysis. In a way, they give you a complete report of your site and your competitors, and according to these reports, you can continue your SEO path in the best possible way.

SEO optimization: Generally, the people who work in this section specialize in optimizing different parts of your site in terms of SEO. People who do professionally linking for you. Or people who optimize your site code that has no SEO problems.

Content Writer: If you specialize in content writing, you can work well in this field, you just need to be familiar with the principles of content writing and SEO SEO to be able to write the best content.

How to get an SEO project?

This is the question that always exists. One of the easiest things to do is to set up an Instagram page and start producing content and showcasing your knowledge. Must have one before Instagram training course Have you seen that you can work in this field in the best possible way? When you show your expertise well, many people will definitely be attracted to you and eventually many SEO project requests will come to you. The next method is to be on the word SEO training or SEO project on the first page of Google and among the top results, definitely here you can attract a good target customer.

Average income of SEO professionals in Iran

The income of SEO specialists in Iran does not have a specific figure and each person can have a high income according to his knowledge and mastery. Certainly, if you have a lot of knowledge and experience in this field, you can experience a high income. But if you are looking for a specific figure to tell you, we need to divide this into several sections to know the limits and average income of SEO professionals.

If you are a beginner in the level of knowledge and you are only familiar with the basic SEO base, you can have a monthly income of 5 to 10 million, which can be employment in the company and initial support of the SEO site or receiving small SEO projects by you.

If you have one year of experience with a small resume, the average monthly income can be between 7 and 15 million.

But if you have a good experience and a good day and you work at a professional level, you will definitely experience a high income. There are many people in Iran who work at a professional level and have a monthly income of over 50 million, which means that if you have a good experience and resume, you will definitely have a high income in return.

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