Learning how to dark theme all web pages using Chromium browsers themselves

Learning how to dark theme all web pages using Chromium browsers themselves

With the open source and free Chromium project, which includes some of the major browsers such as Edge, Opera and Google Chrome, Google is constantly testing and testing new features, and it is easy to say that this open source web browser project easily covers at least 80% of the market. has at its disposal, we will continue to introduce the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents feature, which provides all web pages with a dark theme.

However, due to the open source nature of this project, other developers, big and small, develop and customize their own browsers with the help of the core of this program, but nevertheless, many of the basic and basic features in these browsers are very similar to have each other and in recent years with the increasing trend of using dark theme, in this article we want to review how to activate Dark Theme without installing extension and using Chromium based browsers for all web pages.

According to the type of browser used, users can enter the settings section related to the experimental capabilities of this series of browsers by typing “chrome://flags”. In the following, a more detailed address will be available to access this section, but due to the wide range of options provided for using the dark theme in Chromium-based browsers, it is necessary to give an explanation in this regard. In the Google Chrome browser itself, users can access the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents feature by going to the following address:


After that, several options can be seen. It should be noted here that these capabilities are still in the testing phase, but after using it for a relatively long time, no serious problems have been observed in this regard. The first two options are to darken all web pages using HSL and CIELAB, which are almost two different mathematical methods of describing color.

Chromium browser dark theme

HSL stands for saturation, lightness and hue and simplifies the process of darkening or lightening a specific color. Users can also access the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents feature in Microsoft Edge with the help of the address below.


However, CIELAB is better and more advanced among all these options and produces better results visually and accurately. If you mostly use foreign websites, it is recommended to choose the simple CIELAB-based inversion option.

Chromium browser dark theme

However, this option is also suitable for using internal sites, but for some government websites, it can produce undesirable results. This is where the user can only help himself and must choose the desired option based on his needs and use of the web, as well as testing on different sites. Opera browser users can use this address to access the dark theming feature of all web pages:


Another option is to use RGB, which does not produce very good results compared to the other two, but it can be used if tested and satisfied. The other three image inversion options are all based on CIELAB, and to visit Iranian government websites, you can use the selective image inversion option, but due to the experimental nature of this feature, it cannot be accurate in all websites.

Chromium browser dark theme

However, in general, using this feature of Chromium-based browsers is very appropriate and desirable. Also, to use these modes, it is better to update your browser to the latest version and relaunch the browser after selecting the desired option.

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