Legal Deputy of the Central Bank: Organizing cryptocurrencies requires the submission of a bill by the government

معاون حقوقی بانک مرکزی: ساماندهی رمزارزها نیازمند ارائه لایحه از طرف دولت است

Emphasizing that organizing the mining industry and exchanging cryptocurrencies requires the submission of a bill by the central bank, the deputy for legal affairs and parliamentary affairs of the central bank asked the MPs to temporarily suspend consideration of this issue until the bill is presented by the government and the central bank.

Yesterday the Parliamentary Economic Commission A report on cryptocurrencies He suggested a reading and a plan to organize this industry. Following the review of this report, “Amir Hossein Taybifard”, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Deputy of the Central Bank, appeared in the open court of the parliament and announced the drafting of a bill in the government that the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank have been responsible for drafting:

“We welcomed the proposal of the Speaker of the Parliament regarding the government to submit a bill in this regard, so in the recent meeting of the Government Economic Coordination Headquarters, the draft bill was prepared and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Central Bank were responsible for drafting it. “It is done, so we ask the parliament to consider this issue until the bill is presented.”

According to him, the main point about cryptocurrencies is the legal nature of this phenomenon, which, if not well known, along with its benefits, causes harm to the people and becomes a means for illegal transactions, smuggling, money laundering and tax evasion.

Taybi Fard with indirect reference to Ilan Mask Tweets “The fact that the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fluctuates as much as the value of this asset fluctuates with the message of a Western capitalist is a sign to the people and the government that they need to be vigilant,” he said.

“The legislature is expected to set a roadmap for the government in this regard,” he said.

“There must be a clear position on the legal nature, support and price volatility, which must be the responsibility of the currency owner and accept the risk, and the government must not be responsible in this regard. It should also be noted that the central bank is not responsible for setting or announcing prices. It is also up to the parliament to determine the executive guarantee for this law, because some of these guarantees are criminal, so it is necessary for the parliament to get involved in this issue. “On the other hand, we request that whenever the text of the bill is prepared in this regard, in addition to the Economic Commission, the Judiciary Commission of the parliament should be appointed as the competent authority to review this issue.”

But one of the most thought-provoking suggestions of the Central Bank Legal Deputy, Receive fuel energy prices from Ramzarz buyers Was. Referring to part of the proposed text, which refers to the issue of fuel price purification, he noted: “Pay the gas to the producing companies with the national currency and the common currency of the country.”

The need for joint cooperation between the parliament and the government to organize the ciphers

The head of the economic commission of the parliament continued by stating that the cryptocurrencies have their effects on the economic field and if we hide it, we will not be able to use its capacity or face the relevant threats:

“Currently, there is no clear framework and specific rules in the field of cryptocurrencies, and part of the current problems is due to the lack of complete and comprehensive knowledge of people and investors in this field. The Economic Commission has entered into the issue of cryptocurrencies in order to regulate the current situation. “Although we entered into this issue from the 10th parliament, there is no will in the 11th and 12th governments to address the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, but if the 13th government is willing to cooperate, a joint cooperation between the parliament and the government can be formed in this regard.”

He considered the organization of the current situation of cryptocurrencies as one of the achievements of the commission’s report in this regard and said: “Currently, a huge amount of financial turnover in the country’s economic system . »

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According to Pour-Ebrahimi, exchange and extraction are the two main axes of cryptocurrencies. Extraction of cryptocurrencies is done domestically with the permission of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, and its production without a license is illegal like other businesses and must be dealt with according to law.

“The exchange of cryptocurrencies, which is not based on the production of domestic cryptocurrencies, is very important,” he said.

“At today’s meeting, the representative of the central bank told me that the central bank is presenting a bill in this regard, while despite several years in the eleventh and twelfth governments of the central bank, even an A4 page on issues such as amending the central bank law and monetary law. “A bank has not submitted it to parliament, while the Economic Commission has prepared this report with expert work.”

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