Lego 2K Drive game was officially announced + trailer

Lego 2K Drive game was officially announced + trailer

Lego Group and 2K Games have officially unveiled the racing game Lego 2K Drive.

According to VGC news agency, Lego and 2K companies have officially introduced the racing game Lego 2K Drive. This AAA and open world game is going to be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Series X/S), “Nintendo Switch” and PC (via Steam or Epic Store).

Lego 2K Drive is developed by Visual Concepts Studio. This studio has a history of producing the WWE 2K and NBA 2K game series in its portfolio. Visual Concepts Studio introduces Lego Drive 2K, a huge world for players to build any car they want in single player or multiplayer.

According to a statement from 2K Games, the game Lego Drive 2K It will include a variety of driving races, mini-games, challenges, achievements and ecosystems. Players can design a car with the help of thousands of “Lego” pieces or choose pre-made vehicles from various Lego collections such as City, Creator and Speed ​​Champion. This game will also feature online competitive and co-op multiplayer. Players can also experience the Lego 2K Drive title in split-screen mode for two players.

Lego 2K Drive game

“Greg Thomas”, director of Visual Concepts Studio, says about the collaboration with LEGO Company:

With the history of the LEGO brand, we were very aware of the responsibility we had to our partners and longtime fans of the Lego game series. While we were still thinking about how we could create something new and unique for the Lego world. We have assembled the best team to develop an unforgettable experience of the world of Lego. We look forward to bringing it to fans.

Lego 2K Drive title in history May 19, 2023 (May 29, 1402) Supplied. You can watch the introduction trailer of this game at the bottom of the page:

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