Lenovo has unveiled the AIO 7 Yoga PC with a rotating display

Lenovo has unveiled the AIO 7 Yoga PC with a rotating display

Lenovo unveils new Yoga AIO 7 portable desktop computer with display display that can be rotated from portrait to landscape and vice versa کرد.

Launched in China as the Yoga 27, the AIO 7 is an all-in-one computer system with a 27-inch display. Rotating displays are not a new idea, and devices with the same capabilities have already been introduced in the market. Changing the position of the screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa is very suitable for some applications, especially the production of video content and display of content on some social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

In 2020, Samsung showed the same idea on Sero TV. Lenovo has implemented the same idea on its desktop computer.

Yoga 27 with 27-inch display and 4K resolution in two models with Raizen 7 4800H or Raizen 5 4500H processors, Nvidia RTX 2060 integrated graphics card with 16 or 32 GB RAM will be available to users. As a result, it can be suitable for many activities and gaming.

The new computer system also supports 99% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and Adobe RGB range. Users can purchase this computer system with a 1TB SSD or 2TB HDD memory capacity.

Users can use the Yoga 27’s built-in microphones to interact with Alexa Amazon or Cortana. One of the highlights of Lenovo’s new computer system is the use of a USB-C port. Users can connect their laptop to the system via a USB-C cable and use the AIO 7 Yoga hardware directly, including the display, speaker, mouse and keyboard, و power supply and hard drive.

The battery life of the Yoga 27 has been announced by Lenovo for 20 hours and it also supports 5G network. The Yoga 27 is currently available in the Chinese market and is set to be available in some select markets starting in February for $ 1,599.

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