Lenovo’s latest budget laptops with Wi-Fi 6 and USB-C were introduced

Lenovo's latest budget laptops with Wi-Fi 6 and USB-C were introduced

Lenovo today unveiled a new version of its economy laptops developed for educational purposes. Unveiled. Lenovo budget laptops in the 14, 100, 300 and 500 series come with Chrome and Windows operating systems.

Although we are dealing with many products, Lenovo has shared features for all of them, the most important of which is the use of more ports. These devices use HDMI and USB-C ports and also have Wi-Fi 6 as standard. Lenovo has also increased the security of users by using the shutter and webcam, and by improving the body, it has made them up to 10% more resistant to water penetration.

We start by introducing these products with Lenovo 14e and 14w laptops, both of which use a 14-inch display with different panels. Users can order them with TN panel and HD resolution and IPS full HD panel, both of which are sold in standard and touch versions.

These economical Lenovo laptops use AMD processors, the highest version of Windows with a 3015e dual-core processor. The 14e can be ordered with up to 8GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC memory, but for the Windows version, it can also be purchased with 128GB of eMMC or 256GB SSD.

The battery charge of these laptops is up to 10 hours. Lenovo 14e and 14w with a base price of $ 334 will enter the market from May this year.

The third-generation Lenovo 100e and 100w have a familiar design and an 11.6-inch display with HD resolution. The AMD processor of these models comes with 4 GB of RAM and at least 32 GB of internal memory. One of the differences between the Windows and Chrome OS models of these products is the color. The 100e is available in gray and the 100w in blue.

Lenovo Economic Laptops

The Lenovo 100e will launch in May and the 100w in June, both of which are priced at $ 299.

Finally, we come to the third generation of 300e and 300w laptops with 500e and 500w. All of these laptops can be used as a tablet thanks to the hybrid design. The 300 series uses AMD processors and 4 GB of RAM and has a maximum of 128 GB of internal memory.

Lenovo Economic Laptops

These Lenovo economy laptops have a 10-hour charge and will be available in May with a base price of $ 359.

The 500e and 500w are priced higher, with a base price of $ 429. These products are equipped with Intel processors and use 8 GB of RAM along with a maximum of 128 GB of internal memory. These products arrive in May and June, respectively.

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