LG is working hard to supply Apple’s old iPad Air display

ال جی برای تامین نمایشگر اولد آیپد ایر اپل سخت در تلاش است

Like Samsung, LG is working hard to get ready to supply the old display of future iPad Air and other Apple products.

It has already been said that Samsung is preparing to produce the next generation of iPad Air iPad monitors using new and advanced processes. However, the latest rumors it shows LG has made a similar decision and intends to improve its production method and increase its production capacity to offer more old panels for Apple.

The latest report claims that LG, like Samsung, has now upgraded its production of old panels from 6th generation to 8th generation. Korean media ET News In its report, it states:

Samsung and LG are upgrading their small and medium-sized old panel production technology to the eighth generation. In the display industry, the higher the generation of production technology, the larger the size of the substrates, however, larger screens can be produced more efficiently.

So the new process will allow Samsung and LG to produce larger OLED displays of 10 inches or larger, which will be used in the new iPad Air and later MacBook models. ITHome It has also published a report claiming that LG is investing in additional equipment to increase the production of its small old monitors from 30,000 units per month to 60,000 units.

Rumor has it that more models of the iPad with the old display will be introduced, and it seems that Apple’s main suppliers are preparing to meet the Cupertino demand. A new iPad Air with an old display is expected to launch in 2022, however, both Samsung and LG should have enough old panels for future iPad and MacBook Pro models.

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