LG unveiled its flexible display

LG unveiled its flexible display

It was only yesterday that we talked to you about the state of foldable displays in the smartphone market, their problems and the relative increase in their design and supply, but today we want to introduce you to a related technology in this field, “Stretch screens” or flexible that are just emerging. LG Display is a 12-inch panel has exhibited which can be stretched up to 14 inches and return to the same inch position without any damage!

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The flexible display will be used from the fashion industry to the aviation industry

This flexible display, which can actually be a combination of curved and stretchable technology (or as LG calls it a “free-form” display), can be used in clothing and furniture because it has the ability to easily conform to complex shapes. Its fit and stretchability also make it easier to wear (or even sit on) because its construction is quite durable. LG’s new display is used in various industries such as fashion, clothing, sports and games. It can even find a place in the automobile and aircraft industry in the future.

LG unveiled its flexible display LG unveiled its flexible display 2

The screen is pretty high quality as far as the prototype panels are concerned – with a pixel density of 100ppi similar to today’s 40-inch 4K TVs, and full-color RGB capability as well. The screen is built on a special silicon substrate that is also used for contact lenses. Micro LEDs (smaller than 40 micrometers) are used to provide the required light and instead of straight wires, they are connected through S-shaped springs so that they can be stretched by 20% without breaking.

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Of course, this isn’t the first of its kind, but we’ve seen flexible display prototypes before — like the one from Royole last year. Although it can stretch up to 30 percent and according to the company the image quality can reach 120ppi with this technology, the display unit was only a small 2.7-inch panel with a resolution of 96 x 60 pixels. A few years ago, Samsung also showed off a stretchable display in 2017, though it was more about reshaping (such as pressing hard on the flexible screen) rather than stretching to its new size (the 9.1-inch panel only stretched about half an inch). could have survived.

What will the future of flexible displays look like?

But anyway, while these companies are still dealing with their issues with the first generation of foldable displays, it seems that they are working in parallel on more sophisticated technology for stretchable displays. It is not possible to be sure about this, but maybe in the not too distant future this technology can replace today’s folding screens for technical reasons.

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