Linda Yacarino: I am inspired by Elon Musk’s vision to create a brighter future

Linda Yacarino: I am inspired by Elon Musk's vision to create a brighter future

A day after Elon Musk named Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter, she has commented on her new role for the first time. Yacarino in a tweet referring to Elon Musk He thanked him and said: I have long been inspired by your vision to create a brighter future. I’m excited to bring this vision to life at Twitter and transform this business together.

I’m not as prolific as Elon Musk, but I’m just as committed to the future of this platform, Linda Yacarino added in a follow-up tweet welcoming the new followers.

He continued: Your feedback is vital for the future of this platform. I am ready to receive all your comments. Let’s continue the conversation and build Twitter 2.0 together.

You probably remember that a few months ago Elon Musk said that the new era of Twitter will begin with version 2.0 of this social network. He asked the employees to prepare themselves for the difficult working conditions ahead.

In December, Musk ran a strange poll asking Twitter users whether he should step down as CEO. Since the user opinion was positive, he was forced to find a new executive director.

Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter

Linda Yacarino: I am inspired by Elon Musk's vision to create a brighter future

Yacarino worked for many years as the senior director of advertising at NBCUniversal. He is a well-known and respected figure in the advertising industry, and his appointment could help Twitter generate more advertising revenue.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he was nicknamed the “Velvet Hammer” at NBCUniversal for his friendly personality and tough negotiating tactics.

However, a challenging future awaits Yacarino. He’s taking over a company that has shrunk from 7,500 to 1,000 employees, and that has stopped advertising on Twitter since Elon Musk took over.

But he has long been inspired by Musk and interviewed him at an advertising conference last month. Yaccarino praised Musk’s work ethic and said, “I have met my match.”

In the news of the introduction of Linda Yacarino, Musk announced that in this collaboration they are looking to turn Twitter into X, or the same application as everything. Until today, he has repeatedly mentioned the plan to build a super application similar to China’s WeChat called X. According to Musk, this application is supposed to provide users with various services, including a social network, messenger, payment services, etc.

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