Linda Yacarino replaced Elon Musk; Twitter’s new CEO

Linda Yacarino replaced Elon Musk;  Twitter's new CEO

A few days ago, Elon Musk announced in a tweet that he had found a new CEO for Twitter. He did not specify who would take on the role. But hours after Musk’s tweet, the Wall Street Journal reported that Linda Yacarino, head of NBCUniversal advertising, was in talks for the position. Finally, yesterday Elon Musk said in a new tweet that Linda Yacarino is the new CEO of Twitter. According to Elon Musk, Yacarino’s main goal will be to focus on business operations. Musk also focuses on product design and new technologies.

Goodbye mask with Twitter management

Musk announced in a tweet that he will step down from his position as the CEO of this social network and will work as the executive chairman and chief technology officer of the company. According to Musk, Linda Yacarino will probably start her job as CEO of Twitter in six weeks.

Musk tweeted that he was happy to have a new CEO for Twitter. Musk announced that his new CEO will start in six weeks, and his role will change to executive director and chief technology officer, overseeing product, software and operating systems.

Linda Yacarino replaced Elon Musk;  Twitter's new CEO

Musk bought the social network last October for $44 billion after initially offering to buy it in April 2022. After the deal was completed, Musk took over as CEO, quickly ousting former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and other executive leaders. After that, he fired half of the employees of this social network in November.

Musk has previously said he plans to step down before the end of 2023 and appoint a new CEO. He indicated that he would respect the results of the poll on whether he should continue in charge of the company. However, he had not previously named possible candidates.

During his tenure as CEO, Musk has dramatically overhauled Twitter’s policies and features. This has also caused some big advertisers to stop their advertising activities on this social network. So Musk launched a new and more expensive Blue Twitter subscription to generate more revenue. This service allows users to buy blue ticks. The company recently got rid of old verified ticks. In addition, the platform dissolved its Trust and Safety Council and reinstated the blocked accounts of users including former President Donald Trump and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green.

Musk’s decision to appoint a new CEO of Twitter is likely to satisfy Tesla’s investors. Because they worry that Musk’s time on Twitter will distract him from his role as Tesla CEO. Accordingly, Tesla shares rose after the news of finding a replacement for this role.

Although Musk will soon no longer be the CEO of Twitter, he still owns the company. Musk recently changed the name of Twitter to X Corp. He has long dreamed of building a platform he calls “X, an app for everything.”

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