LinkedIn’s new feature; Start your articles with the help of artificial intelligence

LinkedIn's new feature;  Start your articles with the help of artificial intelligence

LinkedIn has introduced a feature called collaborative articles. New feature of LinkedIn It uses artificial intelligence to initiate conversations between professionals using the platform. In a post published Friday, the company says the new LinkedIn system will write articles based on each person’s skills graph and prompt them to add context, additional information and suggestions to the article.

The company believes its new system will help people share their views. Because starting a conversation is often more difficult than continuing it. Therefore, with this method, the work can be made easier for users.

According to LinkedIn spokesperson Susie Owens, the body of these articles is based on artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence is trained using texts prepared by LinkedIn’s editorial team or continuously edited.

LinkedIn artificial intelligence

The company has used this technology to publish approximately 40 articles over the past two days. This number seems very impressive and shows that the speed of using artificial intelligence is very high. Because a person with normal abilities can complete this number of requests in about a week.

According to social media consultant Matt Navara, LinkedIn has selected a select group of experts to contribute articles. Doing so can help increase your LinkedIn reputation and followers.

Opponents and supporters of LinkedIn’s new feature

As you know, artificial intelligence sometimes makes mistakes in content creation. Therefore, it is not so surprising that some content based on artificial intelligence has brought different reactions from the participants. Although some people believe that this tool is a good and very logical way to start discussions, the reaction of most people is negative and they are critical of this method. Placing artificial intelligence writing at the beginning of the content has confused some readers. Some people also disagree with the ideas of this company’s artificial intelligence model. Of course, there is also the problem of differences of taste in discussions that are initiated by humans.

It is not so strange that LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence. Because its parent company, Microsoft, has invested billions of dollars in ChatGPT’s developer, OpenAI, and is trying to add this technology to many of its products. Additionally, the idea of ​​shared articles fits in with LinkedIn’s primary goal of becoming a place for professionals to learn.

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