Linux 5.13 was released with support for the Apple M1 Mac

لینوکس ۵.۱۳ با پشتیبانی از مک‌های M1 اپل منتشر شد

Linux has finally been updated with support for the Apple M1 Mac. The Linux 5.13 kernel has now been officially released after months of testing, allowing Mac M1 PC users to install the operating system on their device.

Users can now get Linux 5.13 on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and 24-inch iMac M1 To install. The Apple M1 chip is based on the logo architecture and is set to replace Intel processors on all Apple computers.

Previous users could run Linux 5.13 on M1 Macs via a virtual machine, and even a port of the operating system was offered via Corelium for these computers, but now it is possible to run Linux natively on M1 computers.

Of course, Linux 5.13 support for the M1 is still rudimentary, and the kernel is still unable to use accelerated graphics. The new version of Linux will probably need to be upgraded in the coming weeks and months to better match the M1 Macs.

Linux 5.13 also takes advantage of several security features, including Landlocked LSM and Clang CFI, and can offset kernel stack in any random system call. In addition, the new version of the Linux kernel supports FreeSync HDMI.

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, wrote in a note about the release of Linux 5.13:

“We’ve had a quiet week since rc7, and I see no reason to delay version 5.13 … Of course, although last week’s release was small and quiet, 5.13 is a relatively large update. This version is one of the largest versions of Linux 5, which has received more than 16,000 modifications from more than 2,000 developers (if you count the number of integration codes, this number reaches more than 17,000) … and with the release of 5.13 windows Merger 5.14 starts tomorrow. “I have already received some new requests, but as always I would like to ask people to try out the final version 5.13 and then move on to the next version.”

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