Lip C01 engine was introduced, 820 million tomans with 542 horsepower

لیپ موتور C01 معرفی شد، 820 میلیون تومان با 542 اسب بخار

The Chinese have invested heavily in Electric cars have done. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that every few weeks, a new electric car is unveiled in this country. The latest model introduced in this category is a product called Lip engine C01. This attractive mid-size sedan with Engine 542 hp and $ 27,000٬ Come to challenge competitors like Mercedes-Benz EQE.

Lip engine power C01 Engine with 542 horsepower Is. The Chinese claim that relying on this powerful C01 engine to reach a speed of 100 km / h requires only 3 seconds It’s time. This car by Pack 90 kWh battery Is fed. As announced, this electric sedan will enter the market in 5 versions. In terms of range of motion, four versions are offered. These versions have a range of 500, 606, 630 and 717 km.

Lip engine C01

With this interesting specification, the price of the C01 engine lip from 180 thousand yuan Started and goes up to 270,000 yuan for the flagship version. These figures are approximately equivalent to the daily exchange rate 27 and 40 thousand dollars are.

The C01 lip engine uses new technologies, one of which is known as CTC for short. In this technology, the chassis, batteries and components under the room Integrated structure Therefore, there is no need to install a separate battery pack.

Lip engine C01
Lip Engine says the C01 powertrain is designed to last more than a million kilometers.

Drag coefficient 0.226 Another feature of the C01 engine lip index. Such a brilliant record is achieved through the use of frameless doors, concealed door handles, sloping roofs, single-pane windshields and aerodynamic rims.

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The C01 engine lip has a length of 5050 mm. Its width, height and axial distance are 1902, 1509 and 2930 mm, respectively. The boot volume of this car is 496 liters.

Like the new Mercedes-Benz products, the C01 Three digital displays It has been Equipped. The task of processing information and data in this car is assigned to the Snapdragon 8155 processor, identifying and authenticating the driver through Face recognition system Done. Interestingly, in this car it is possible to save settings for 25 different users There is. When you recognize the face of each of these users, their specific settings are activated automatically.

1653266706 747 Lip C01 engine was introduced 820 million tomans with 542 Lip C01 engine was introduced, 820 million tomans with 542 horsepower 6

Although the situation has not been very favorable for Lip Motor Company in the past few years, but this company was able to sell about 10,000 units of its previous products last year. The exact time of release of C01 has not been published, but Lip Motor has been accepting customer orders since May 10. The company has promised to produce its own modern sedan until the end of the year Will begin.

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