Live broadcast of the Huawei event: the introduction of the Harmony operating system

پخش زنده رویداد هواوی: مراسم معرفی سیستم عامل هارمونی

Huawei is holding a ceremony today in which we will see the unveiling of Android’s successor, the Harmony operating system. Today at 16:30, Huawei will hold a ceremony to unveil the second version of the Harmony operating system, Matepad Pro tablets, as well as the Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch, all of which, of course, benefit from Harmony.

Huawei is unlikely to unveil the P50 series flagships at the event. Although the company in the past with a teaser raised the possibility of introducing these smartphones, but we still can not be sure of the presence of these flagships in today’s event and we have to wait.

For information on the latest Huawei products, you can watch the ceremony live and with simultaneous Persian translation below. Note that what you see in this live broadcast is broadcast by “Huawei Iran” in Persian. Digito covers the news of this event which you can find on the main page of the site or Huawei part Follow it.

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