Long March 6A China’s latest rocket was launched

لانگ مارچ 6A جدیدترین راکت چین به فضا پرتاب شد

China has successfully launched its latest rocket from the next generation. Long March 6A At 14:20 on Tuesday (Iranian time), it went into space from Taiwan’s new launch pad to put two satellites into orbit.

The Long March 6A is 50 meters high and is equipped with two stages of kerosene-liquid oxygen fuel along with 4 propulsion boosters with solid fuel. This rocket will bring two satellites Sun Orbit Track Transferred. The recent launch is the latest in a series of missions from China’s next-generation rocket, which is being carried out by China’s National Space Agency. This series of missions first began with the launch of Long March 11 in 2015. According to the Shanghai Space Flight Technology Academy, the March 6A rocket will carry a capacity of 4 tons of cargo at an altitude of about 690 km above the ground. has it.

Each of the sent satellites has a different task. The Tiancon-2 satellite was developed by a group of space engineers under the supervision of the Second Academy of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASIC) and is responsible for detecting the space environment. The Pujiang-2 satellite was also developed by the Shanghai Academy of Space Flight Technology (SAST) for experimental scientific research, resource and ground research, and some other tasks.

China National Space Agency is working hard to reduce its distance from NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency and become one of the world’s leading space powers. The latest launch is China’s seventh launch in 2022, and the organization plans to launch a total of more than 50 launches this year. Six of these launches are related to the completion of the Chinese Modular Space Station.

The Long March 6A is also the opening for a new launch facility designed specifically to launch this series of missiles at Taiyuan. The facility is designed to reduce rocket preparation time to 14 days thanks to an automated refueling process.

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