Make money from content production on Rubik’s Cube

کسب درآمد از تولید محتوا در روبیک

Rubika application is known as one of the most popular Iranian applications, which has recently unveiled its monetization service again with exciting and attractive changes. You can now easily and use the useful, attractive and new features of Rubica Earnings Service with the least amount of time. Before you get acquainted with this attractive and lucrative service, click on “Install RubikaClick and download this super application.

The amount of income of each person in this application is easily calculated based on the number of active users, the amount of content views and the like. In this article, we have tried to provide a brief and simple explanation about this new feature of the Rubica application.

Make money from content production, a new trend in the Internet world

With a little research on the Internet, anyone can realize that the possibility of monetization with the help of content production for users in the Internet space, and this issue has been discussed with the rise of social networks more than before. Of course, the urgent need of traditional businesses for the Internet and such networks has become quite evident and has caused a wave of attention to influencers.

If you are a teenager or young person with a motivation that you would like to meet new audiences in the world of internet and earn money, no doubt the addition of features and features called earning money from content production will make you more interested in this space. It will, because you will probably no longer hear sarcasm from those around you, except what comes out of this mobile phone!

Why should we produce content and make money from it?

If we follow the production of content for our audience in a principled way, we will find out what capable people in this field and those who produce content for the audience have a monthly income and how they have a high reputation and social status!

Of course, the economic situation and the existence of problems in between are not ineffective in attracting us in this direction. Keep in mind that this possibility can be the best option for users who are inside Iran and can not use filter services such as YouTube.

If you are a blogger, chef, actor, influencer or even an educator in a specialized field, this possibility can generate active income for you.

Making money in Rubika has no prerequisites!

If you think that you have to work hard to make money in Rubica, we have to tell you that this is not the case at all! You can make money from your content without any preconditions.

You can start generating content as soon as you create a messaging channel or Rubino page. (Rubica Money Counter will start working for you by default and pay you based on how many users visit the content and the number of active users you have.)

You can even monetize your text-based content on Rubica. For example, if you are an active news agency or would like to have a media outlet that publishes the latest news in a particular field, Rubika still allows you to make money.

Ability to monitor the monetization path in Rubica

In the new version of its monetization service, Rubika has well covered the fact that any person as a content producer can measure their income. In your dashboard in the Rubica app you can find out the details of your income such as the income of your channels, groups and even your pages.

Below you can see an example of the details that you can find out at the cash desk:

How can we get our money?

Rubika has announced that in updating and updating the new service, it has made it possible for each user to receive incomes above 20,000 Tomans and transfer them to their bank account. All you have to do here is go through the verification or authentication steps in this section to transfer the earned money to the content producer and his bank account.

Here you only need to do these steps once to be able to use this service permanently.

You can download and install the Rubica app right now via the following link:


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