Managing Director of Divar: The government seeks to weaken unions and trade unions

مدیرعامل دیوار: دولت به دنبال تضعیف اتحادیه‌ها و تشکل‌های صنفی است

Stressing that the secession of the National Union of Virtual Businesses is against the law, the CEO of Divar said that silence in the face of this lawlessness will lead to its continuation, which will destroy the motivation to operate in the country. Armandi did not consider the decision taken behind closed doors and without listening to the opinions of businesses to be a useful decision and believes that the government seeks to weaken the unions and trade unions.

In an interview with Digito, Ashkan Armandehi, CEO of Divar and a candidate for the board of directors of the Virtual Business Association, criticized the separation of the National Virtual Business Union and called it an illegal act:

“According to Note 7 of Article 21 of the Trade Union Law, the formation of new unions must be proposed by the Chamber of Trade Unions and approved by the Minister of Silence. “But now the Minister of Silence and his deputy have taken a different path.”

Citing a Cabinet resolution, he said policies should be aimed at preventing parallel organizations and paving the way for their integration; The opposite is happening: “Now we see that the Ministry of Silence wants to divide the union into two parts, which poses challenges such as the multiplicity of licenses and the overlap between trade unions.”

Emphasizing that the recent decision will not benefit anyone, Armandehi believes that the new government seeks to weaken trade unions and unions:

“These days, we are witnessing decisions in the governance of cyberspace and the Internet, which it seems that the government is reluctant to seize power, given the demands of trade unions. If the unions and trade unions are strong, they will demand projects such as protection, the causes of youth migration, business problems, and so on. “These are issues that the government is not interested in pursuing.”

Cancellation of union elections is another illegality

Criticizing the cancellation of the election of the board of directors of the National Union of Virtual Businesses, he said: “We are witnessing non-compliance with the law in this regard as well. “While the guild chamber is in charge of holding the elections, so far (at the time of this interview) they have not been officially notified of the cancellation of the elections.”

Armandi stated that behind this decision, the Virtual Business Union will be dissolved; He believes the formation of new unions, contrary to speculation, will take more than a year, to the detriment of businesses.

The candidate for the National Board of Virtual Businesses election, in response to a question from Digito about whether they will pursue the separation and cancellation of the union elections from other institutions, said:

“We are consulting and pursuing this lawlessness through all legal channels. We have also prepared our evidence to follow all the events of the last 2 months. Our goal is not to hold elections, but to prevent unprofessional decisions and non-compliance with the law in the future. “Our main concern is the issue of lawlessness, and if we easily ignore it today, it will be repeated and the motivation for union activity in the country will disappear.”

Virtual Business Association

Alternatives to union segregation

Armandehi stated that the Ministry of Silence stated that the reason for secession was the need for specialized unions, and believed that this would be achieved not by segregation but by forming internal commissions and working groups in the union and activating them based on trade union categories:

“The Virtual Business Association now has more than 3,800 members, which, depending on the number and field of activity of the members, requires a new leadership, but the way is not to divide the union into smaller sections.”

“We have always been the victim of unprofessional decisions over the years because the views of stakeholders and the private sector are not taken into account,” he said, stressing that closed decisions should not be made behind closed doors. Whereas when all the institutions present and the concerns of the parties are raised, we have reached a common path; “We saw an example of this in the discussion of the need for authentication on online advertising platforms.”

Armandehi believes that the election of the board of directors of the National Union of Virtual Businesses should have been held; The Ministry of Silence then asked the new board to follow the existing strategies for the union to become specialized: “It is not and they are to the detriment of businesses.”

In the end, he expressed hope that with the follow-up and solution of the existing problem, the elections of the Virtual Business Union will be held and the concerns of the Ministry of Silence will be resolved with the solutions of the private sector and the new board of directors.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, the elections of the National Association of Virtual Businesses, after a postponement, Cancelled. The reason is the implementation of the order of Minister Samat to separate the union. A subject that is believed Iran Chamber of TradesIs an illegal act.

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