Many users are suffering from the frame rate drop problem in the PC version of Returnal game

Many users are suffering from the frame rate drop problem in the PC version of Returnal game

Users published some gameplay videos of the graphics performance of the PC version of Returnal in the virtual space and they are complaining about the frame rate drop problem of this game.

Over the past few years, Sony has developed a program to release its exclusive titles for the PC platform. Most users have praised the good performance of PC ports of exclusive Sony titles. Now the PC version of Returnal, which was released exclusively for PlayStation 5 last year, has been released. Users can download the PC version of this game from the platform Steam (with a ten percent discount) or Epic Store.

Graphical features of the PC version of Returnal

Most ports of Sony’s exclusive PC titles feature improved visuals, optimized performance, and support for advanced technologies such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling 2/3 and AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2. The PC version of the Returnal game features NVIDIA DLSS2 and AMD FSR2 graphics modes, “Ray-tracing” system, HDR, Ultrawide and Super Ultrawide displays (one of the exclusive options for changing the appearance in cutscenes), Dolby Atmos (a feature that is not available in the PS5 version). supports. In the settings section of the PC version of Returnal game, it is possible to mention how to set the DualSense controller, field of view (FOV), textures and lighting.

The PC version of Returnal also includes in-game metrics such as FPS counter, CPU/GPU usage, latency, etc. In addition, the creators included a built-in pentagram in the game, which consists of seven scenes, each of which is dedicated to emphasizing different aspects such as light and shadow, particles or volumetric fog. The analysis team of the wccftech news agency has run the PC version of Returnal on a fully advanced system (Intel i7 12700KF core processor, GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and 16GB of RAM memory). They concluded that the graphics quality of this game is an average of 121 frames per second. The maximum and minimum FPS in this game are 213 and 73, respectively, and its image quality is set to the highest value with 4K resolution and DLSS.

The problem of reducing the frame rate drop in the PC version of Returnal game

This team has faced problems such as reduced frame rate (so-called stuttering) for the initial run of Returnal on PC. Even they faced a drop in frame rate again by lowering the quality of the shaders. This problem somewhat affects the quality of the game’s battles, but not in a way that is very annoying for the user. On the other hand, the DualSense controller features are well implemented in this game. If your PC system has good hardware, the native Dolby Atmos mode will play a very effective role in increasing the quality of the game environment.

  Returnal PC version

The wcctech analysis team checked that the reason for the drop in the frame rate of the PC version of the Returnal game is the performance of the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine. Unreal Engine 4 is known to favor single-threaded CPU performance. However, according to FrameView reviews, this engine uses the least amount of CPU power. The developers of the PC version of Returnal announced that this game runs better with 32 GB of graphics memory.

Climax Studio has undertaken the task of producing the PC version of Returnal. This studio previously made the PC version of Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow in 2013. This British studio has a history of creating titles such as Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Sudeki. In short, users should not compare the porting skills of the mentioned studio with Nixxes studio. Nixxes studio has a great history in porting the PC versions of exclusive Sony titles.

Users are hoping that Sony will soon release an update to fix the frame rate drop problem of Returnal. There have been reports that NVIDIA users are unable to improve the graphics performance of Returnal by enabling ReBAR like the Dead Space remake, as the feature is currently whitelisted in the NVIDIA Profile Inspector despite the lack of an official Game Ready driver. You can watch the graphic performance video of the PC version of Returnal at the bottom of the page:

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