Map report and navigation sign: Nowruz 1400 trips were twice as much as last year

Map report and navigation sign: Nowruz 1400 trips were twice as much as last year

Map and route studies show that traffic in the main axes of the country in Nowruz 1400 has more than doubled compared to last year, a significant part of this traffic was from Tehran and Karaj to the north of the country. According to this report, on Nowruz 1400, the traffic on domestic routes to the 3 northern provinces of the country has increased 5 times compared to last year, and also the traffic on the Karaj-Chalous axis has increased 7 times.

Although Nowruz trips in 1399 were associated with a decrease of 71% compared to 98, but in 1400 the risk of acceptance of travel was much higher and this time Nowruz trips compared to 1399 has increased by 106%. The map and router have announced that by analyzing the traffic of more than 6 million users from the period of March 19, 2017 to April 4, 2014, these statistics have been achieved.

second week: Redder but more pressurized

Although Iraj Haririchi recently announced in a television interview that some members of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters were opposed to giving the green light to Corona, he emphasized in the same interview that people who could not be named did not allow Nowruz trips to take place. As a result, with the green light given to the Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters at the beginning of the voyages, it was predicted that many individuals and families would decide to travel.

The review of the application shows that on Friday, April 4, 1400, the highest percentage of increase in road traffic was recorded in this router; A day when traffic was 196 percent higher than the same time in 1399. But with a closer look at the above chart, we can see that on April 26, the most traffic was recorded in the main axes of the country.

Another important point is that in the second week of the holiday, the traffic on the key axes was more than the first week of the holiday, and it seems that the second half of Eid was the most time when the passengers hit the road. Considering the rapid change of colors of the cities by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, it is hypothesized that some citizens may have decided to use the opportunity of Nowruz travel in the second week because it is not clear when the restrictions that were expanding will end. reach.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the 106% increase in traffic is not related to the entire intercity roads of the country, but the map and route of the sign have examined the 9 main axes of the country in the period from March 19 to April 4.

Increase 5 Equality of traffic in the northern provinces

1618234227 371 Map report and navigation sign Nowruz 1400 trips were twice Map report and navigation sign: Nowruz 1400 trips were twice as much as last year 2

Map and routing surveys showing massive data on user behavior indicate that traffic on the northern provinces has increased significantly. Other statistics also show that travel to Mazandaran has increased significantly compared to last year and it is said that millions of people traveled to this province during Nowruz.

1618234230 193 Map report and navigation sign Nowruz 1400 trips were twice Map report and navigation sign: Nowruz 1400 trips were twice as much as last year 4

According to the report of the router, the most crowded axis of the country in Nowruz, with an increase of 578% or about 7 times, has been the Karaj-Chalous route. On the other hand, if we examine the increase in traffic in the three northern provinces of the country, namely Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan, we see that the volume of traffic in these three northern provinces has increased about 5 times or 408% compared to the previous year.

After the northern axes, the Tehran-Qom route, with a 146% increase in traffic compared to 1399, has had the highest rate of traffic increase between the main axes of the country. Of course, it should be noted that the Tehran-Qom route is one of the key axes to reach the central and southern cities of the country from Tehran.

Also, the Karaj-Rasht axis has increased by 126% – more than 2 times – compared to Nowruz in 1399. But since then, other routes have seen less than a 100 percent increase in traffic. The Karaj-Tabriz axis has increased by 99%, the Isfahan-Yazd axis by 68%, the Isfahan-Shiraz axis by 54%, the Tehran-Hamadan axis by 52% and even the Mashhad-Tehran route by only 45%. The lowest increase in traffic with 26% increase was related to the Mashhad-Babolsar axis.

1618234232 438 Map report and navigation sign Nowruz 1400 trips were twice Map report and navigation sign: Nowruz 1400 trips were twice as much as last year 6

In general, map and navigation studies indicate that Nowruz 1400 traffic to the north of the country is not comparable to traffic in other key areas and has accounted for a significant part of these trips. The increase of less than 100% in other axes except the north is very significant, especially considering the restrictions that were imposed on many parts of the country during Nowruz last year. Currently, about 300 cities across Iran are in the red.

Privacy in the logo

The sign also states that users do not need to provide any identity information to use this router and can use all the features of the map and router without the need to login or have an account. Creating an account and logging in is completely optional and only helps the user to personalize the map and save the information they want for the future. Even if you need to have an account, users do not need to provide their mobile number. Traffic data is only scrutinized, and privacy is a top priority for maps and routers.

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