Mark Zuckerberg: Meta staff call me “Sauron’s Eye” and I have no problem with that

مارک زاکربرگ: کارمندان متا به من «چشم سائورون» می‌گویند و مشکلی با آن ندارم

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stated in an interview that the company’s employees sometimes refer to him as “The eyes of SauronThey remember and he has no problem with this analogy. Sauron The main negative character of the story «Lord of the RingsIs the manifestation of evil in this story.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with “Tim Ferris” podcast said“Some of the people I work with in the company say this out of love, but sometimes I think they refer to my senses as Sauron’s eyes. They mean “you to work on different projects Infinite energy “You have and if you send this energy to any team, you will burn them.”

He went on to explain how he tries to create a quick cycle of feedback for his employees in the workplace: “I think the benefit of the interaction is having Fast feedback cycle “It comes down to a common ground of thought and letting your colleagues talk about it is much better than trying to arrange an appointment that will not be available until three weeks later.”

Mark Zuckerberg is not worried about criticism

Zuckerberg went on to say that he was not too worried about his critics and focused more on his company’s future path. “Right now I think if people believe they know very well what we as a company are looking for, I should not try too hard to figure it out,” he added. Meta CEO claims to have a good relationship with his employees.

Sauron is the lord of darkness and the ruler of the land of Mordor in the book The Lord of the Rings. This character is known in the movies with a giant eye at the top of the “Barad-Dor” tower, which focuses on the activities of the inhabitants of his land and the bearer of the only ring in the middle land. Monitoring he does. Although Facebook’s situation is certainly not as scary as Mordor, the company’s employees often have to work long hours and complete various projects as quickly as possible.

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