Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search of the Bazaar Cafe

Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search of the Bazaar Cafe

Masiriab Neshan issued a press release today telling its users to beware of misleading advertisements of some Iranian operators. Although Neshan did not name Bazaar Cafe in the statement, Javad Amel, the founder and CEO of Neshan Map and Navigator, in an interview with Digito questioned Bazaar Cafe’s approach to “search advertising”. According to the agent, the method of advertising in the Bazaar Cafe is an example of misleading users. He says regulators need to be more active in this area to create healthy competition in the start-up environment.

“Do not go astray when installing the logo” is written in the statement of the team: “For some time now, special advertisements in one of the Iranian Android stores have increased significantly, but have not been implemented professionally. These ads are sometimes misleading and offer different results than the explicit purpose of the user. “Simply put, when your friend searches for ‘badge’ or ‘badge router’ for download, another router – with different quality and performance – uses this method to mislead the user.

The map and the router in their message did not question the principle of advertising and said that advertising is a common model in operators that in this model, the product is presented either as the first result or in the second place but very dramatically. And is obvious; In such a way as to prevent any mistakes and misleading the user. According to the logo, the ad is supposed to inform the user of other options, not to replace the advertised product with the user’s main product.

The image that Neshan referred to in his press release about misleading advertising. By searching for the word badge, the competitor of this application will be shown to the user in full screen.

Digiato asked Bazaar Cafe Public Relations to comment, but the Bazaar team has not yet responded to the request. But on the other hand, “Javad Amel”, the CEO of Neshan, in a conversation with Digito, basically considers this method of advertising to be incorrect and considers it as a complete example of deceiving and misleading the user.

According to the agent, the user is definitely looking for this app when searching for a badge and nothing else: “This is done by searching for words like Online map Or GPS It is different that a person is looking for an application in the field of routing and wants to see everything, but now practically the user’s search for a brand is questionable. In many cases, by searching for the badge, the exact competitor is displayed. But the issue we are criticizing is why these ads are displayed in full screen which can mislead the user. “Neither Google nor any other company does that.”

1613225450 951 Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search of the Bazaar Cafe 2
Of course, the fact is that these full-page advertisements can be seen in other cases as well, and even with the search for the word Balad, which is a product of Hezardestan Holding (owner of Bazaar Cafe), can be seen. However, executives from other startup companies have criticized the issue in the past.

The full-page ads that the agent is talking about are the so-called Expanded ads, which according to the latest statistics of Bazaar Cafe, make up about 30% of the ads within the environment of this Android market. Digito’s research shows that this type of advertising usually exists among major actors and related fields. In this case, the ad is displayed in full screen to the user and the person must scroll down the page to reach the main application he is looking for, otherwise he may download the advertised application.

1613225451 838 Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search of the Bazaar Cafe 4

The CEO of Neshan states that a significant part of the growth of this router was due to the offer of this application through users to others, and now this action of Bazaar Cafe, the same group of users who have only heard the name of Neshan, is affected by unusual advertisements. “In fact, a user advises another user to install the logo app, and that user eventually installs a competing app,” he tells Digito. “This is not just a sign, but also in other areas that have two main competitors.”

This issue can be seen in the advertisements of Namava and Filimo as the two main actors in the field of VOD or the competition between DJ Kala and sites such as Divar and Shipoor as actors in the field of online retail sales.

“This will make teams set aside costs for this type of advertising,” Neshan’s CEO told Digito. This trend has forced many companies to pay for advertising in this way while they could have used it in a better way. “Otherwise, they will encounter unusual advertisements that have the potential to mislead the user.”

Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search Masiriab Neshan criticized the way ads were searched in search of the Bazaar Cafe 6
The image that Neshan Router has published in its news release of searching for Nshan phrase in other Android domestic and foreign markets.

Asked if he has a problem with advertising in Android stores, he said: “Advertising is the right of the Android store, but the way the Bazaar Cafe shows it is neither smart nor does it show the conditions for free competition. “Expanded advertising on another brand name distracts the user.”

In response to another question from Digito about what he thinks is the solution to this problem, he said that the government should get involved in this issue:

“It is good to have and build a unicorn, it is also very good, but the friends of the government should not leave the hands of big actors open without any supervision and regulation, and practically dry up small and medium-sized businesses and go and take pictures with the big ones. “A position is needed to heal business competition, which the government must address, although this has largely happened this summer.”

The agent refers to the story of the announcement of the National Cyberspace Center in August of this year, which was able to create a better legal basis for complaining about exclusivism. “If this approach is not changed in the Bazaar Cafe, they will pursue the matter legally:” We have now grown and the daily download of the Google Play logo is higher than the market, but the regulator has to “Actors who can now compete with each other should pay attention and not let this happen to these actors, especially smaller actors.”

Prior to the report, Digiato asked Bazaar Cafe to comment, but the company has not yet responded. This report will be updated if Bazaar Cafe responds to this issue.

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