Maximum speed 30 km / h; New law on the streets of Paris

حداکثر سرعت ۳۰ کیلومتر در ساعت؛ قانون تازه در خیابان‌های پاریس

Paris authorities have decided to reduce the maximum speed limit in most parts of this large European city to 19 miles or 30 kilometers. This law has been in force since August 31, 2021 and all drivers are required to comply with it. The purpose of such a decision is to reduce accidents, increase safety and reduce noise pollution.

The new law on speed limits in Paris is part of a plan proposed by the mayor of the city to reduce the occupation of urban space by cars. It is not bad to know that this speed limit is not new and has been applied in about 60% of different areas of Paris for some time; Meanwhile, a number of boulevards have become one-way and some others have become pedestrian traffic.

If a driver violates the speed limit, in addition to being fined, he will be given two negative points. The famous Peripherique Boulevard is exempt from this speed limit and drivers can drive up to 70 km / h in their car. Apart from these, several other boulevards and streets, including the Champs Elysees, have a virtual speed of more than 30 kilometers per hour.

In an interview with FranceInfo, a Paris municipal official said speeding was part of a policy of transformation in the city’s public space. He said the main goal of the policy was to promote “soft” transport – which includes walking, cycling and using public services instead of private cars.

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It goes without saying that the speed limit law applies in almost 200 other French cities besides Paris. Lyon, the country’s third largest city, will be added next year.

Several other European countries are now following suit, setting low figures for speed limits within the city, including the Netherlands and Spain. In London, in some areas, the speed limit is set at 32 kilometers per hour.

Given the current situation in European countries, if you happen to pass by one of these cities, it is better to research the traffic laws and speed limits of each of them in advance so that you do not face a fine!

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