McLaren’s Great Breach of Tradition; The construction of the first electric chassis finally became serious

سنت شکنی بزرگ مکلارن؛ ساخت اولین شاسی بلند برقی سرانجام جدی شد

According to the latest rumors, McLaren Both design and build one High chassis car Put on the agenda. The car will be unveiled in the second half of the current decade, as reported by the British magazine Autocar, citing unnamed sources inside McLaren. Interestingly, according to Autocar, the McLaren long chassis to one All-electric propulsion Will be equipped.

Customers’ inclination towards long-wheelbase vehicles has led various companies to produce such models. The work has reached a point where companies like Lamborghini and Aston Martin They have a long-wheelbase model in their product portfolio, and Ferrari is preparing to introduce the Porosangue crossover. Nevertheless, McLaren As a sports brand, it had repeatedly emphasized that it was not going to go for high-chassis models. But apparently the British company could not resist the popularity of high chassis.

McLaren Chassis

Little is known about the McLaren Chassis at this time. But it is said that this car was lower than the ground and because of the benefit of Two-engine propulsion All four wheels will be actuated. Autocar also predicts that the car will be sold in a three-engine version with a solid battery. Using this type of battery allows the McLaren to have more control over the final weight. Not bad to know, the recently unveiled Lotus Ultra weighs about 2 tons, which is a good figure for a relatively large electric chassis.

McLaren Chassis

Autocar priced at approx 350 thousand pounds Estimated for McLaren long chassis. This figure is equivalent to approximately 420 thousand dollars or 401 thousand euros. The British publication has announced the possible name of McLaren long chassis Aeron. This name has its roots in the Hebrew language and its meaning is “mountain of power”.

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Not to mention that McLaren already has a kind of long chassis model. This car is actually for Rally for electric cars Known as Extreme E, it was developed. This electric high chassis weighs only 1780 kg and has its energy from the pack 54 kWh battery receives.

McLaren’s representative in Extreme E races, the pictures of which are attached to this article, to a propulsion 543 hp It is equipped. Relying on this propulsion from zero to one hundred in width 4.5 seconds will be done. Interestingly, the width of this electric chassis reaches 2.3 meters.

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