MediaTek targets the Chromebook market with the Kompanio 1200 chip

مدیاتک با تراشه Kompanio 1200 بازار کروم‌بوک‌ها را هدف قرار می‌دهد

On the second day of the Executive Summit, MediaTek once again mentioned the Kompanio 1200 chipset. This chipset will be a powerful product for high-end Chromebooks, but it is not yet ready for release.

The Kompanio 1200 chipset was first introduced a year ago as the MT8195, and although many expected to see the chip on the market by now, this did not happen. now It is expected The Kompanio 1200 will be launched in 2022. The chip is made with 6-nanometer lithography and will have a Cortex-A78 core.

Most logo-based Chromebooks use weaker chipsets and users do not like them, which is why the market for high-powered Chromebooks has been taken over by Intel. But now MediaTek has announced that it is launching its product for premium Chromebooks, devices that start at $ 400.

The Kompanio 1200 chip will compete with the Intel Core i3, but it offers advantages that are beyond the reach of Intel processors. Thanks to the logo architecture, this chip can create longer battery life and more subtle form factors.

MediaTek also mentioned another processor at its event that will likely compete with the Intel Core i7. Given the way MediaTek products are marketed, this chipset will most likely be called Kompanio 2000, but nothing has been officially confirmed by the company yet. Apparently MediaTek’s strategy is to slowly move towards a market for more powerful products.

In the meantime, we have to wait to see the Chromebooks equipped with Kompanio 1200 in the market in 2022. If we are lucky, perhaps the Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2022 will host this chipset for the first time. This event takes place in January and can be a good place to launch new Chromebooks.

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