MediaTek will soon begin production of chips for Windows computers

Disclosure of details of MediaTek 1300T flagship chip MediaTek will soon begin production of chips for Windows computers 1

MediaTek, which is best known for producing mobile chips in the market and is the market leader in the mobile chip market with a share of about 40%, apparently will soon start producing chips for Windows PCs.

The developers plan to move from x86 chips to ARM, and obviously MediaTek does not intend to miss such an opportunity. For this purpose it is expected The Taiwanese company will also launch its ARM-based chips for Windows-based PCs in the next few years.

Of course, MediaTek is also present in the computer chip market now and has provided examples for low-end or basic chromebooks. However, it seems that the Taiwanese company needs to offer more to its customers in order to consolidate its market share in the computer chip market.

In addition, the Taiwanese company is also building 5G modems for PCs equipped with Intel processors, and has been working with the company since 2019.

While chip production for Windows-based PCs looks set to be a definite issue for MediaTek in the future, it should be noted that the Taiwanese company is still in its early stages and we expect to announce it in the future. Just weeks before the Qualcomm Technology Summit, MediaTek kicked off its executive meetings in California and is expected to release a series of new announcements at the same event during the week.

Qualcomm has already announced plans to launch new computer chips in 2023 designed by Nuvia. The startup was founded by former Apple executives working on A-series chips and was acquired by Qualcomm. With the new chips, the company also plans to take over Apple’s M-Series chips.

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